A comfort-Navy thwart smuggling attempts regularly to Gaza

אילוסטרציה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Two smuggling incidents this week were thwarted by Beth and random ships the Navy Marine. “We’re working around the clock to handle events of this kind.”

תאריך: 11/12/2014, 09:57    
מחבר: ליאת קציר וברית אלמוג, חיל הים

חיל הים

Two smuggling to the Gaza Strip was thwarted earlier this week, showed that since the end of operation “Cliff”, the waters adjacent to the Gaza Strip is not alone. Navy foil
Frequent smuggling attempts, using the party’s ships look South arena
And chemical control of false (in km) at the base of Ashdod and post the “enclosure”.
The vessel identified by Bethany and ship with in parallel, when the ship began to track the vessel with the reports of the Beck.
A bcryot in the control’s event Kim strong, who serve a year and a half in the post “packed”. Sergeant strong watched the radar target, which crosses the border between Egypt and Gaza. At the same time, also a bee which was the sea.
Coat of arms of sturdy reported for duty and the alert was raised. At this time, it was understood that the event “פח”ע adrenalin in every report, and ב’אקשן is something very satisfying, “she says. “Every event that I take pride in it for me”.
After raising the alert in response to the attempted smuggling, Kiryat Sapir, cpl. control identified weak Ghibli another boat which came from the South.
“We’re working around the clock to handle events. It’s not a simple job,
But in cases like this, you know you did a good job. “

Translated from Hebrew