A grenade in the desert: a third candle with special ops unit that specializes in desert warfare

Pomegranate fighters perform year round prevention and criminal activities, and prevent infiltration into Israel territory. Eg: “officer contribute to strengthen border protection.”

תאריך: 28/11/2013, 13:56    
מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

Rimon unit post, away from the city of Eilat, is a small enclave between Eilat mountains. It is surrounded by all the circuits, and granite warriors serving there are able to integrate in the desert landscape. “We’re studying the desert space around, quiet vehicles or on foot, with disguised weapons, different types of
Grids and color palette. The idea is to assimilate, “said IDF officer site agenda
Rimon unit, Lieutenant. The third candle light the three years.
The Warriors will enjoy Donuts coming especially for them.

~ Hand unit was established in 1970, when the purpose was prevention of terrorism in the Gaza Strip. The only warriors undergo strenuous including using guns and shooting in different situations. Over the years have dealt with terrorist fighters armed and well-trained, and was a significant success. Later moved to work in the Valley and thus changed his professional destiny, until disbanding in 2005.

In 2010 the new cruiser unit of southern command. She currently specializes in desert terrain. “Flexible unit adapts to the desert,” explained Lieutenant. “The fighters training together with the battalion of the Givati Brigade reconnaissance, they also have unique content,” he added. However, the unit performs well in practice.

In the procedure, the only fighters deal with hostile terrorist activity on the border, but they also deal with the prevention of criminal acts. “We undoubtedly contribute to strengthening border protection, said the Unit Officer. Just a week ago thwarted the big drug smuggling. Also extended for the motivation to get to the Givati Brigade.

According to the officials, Egypt border reality has changed greatly in the past year.
Party Chief (FL), Deputy, noted that “there is more urgent to get to the country because of the situation in Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. Set within an obstacle delaying significantly, and it helps to prevent border violations and smuggling, “said Lieutenant ball.

The unit continues to evolve. “We know how to hold the ground. We control it, know who is heading in a veiled, added
A waterfall.

Translated from Hebrew