Today (Thursday), 25th of Adar II, 2010, March 31, 2011, ended a large-scale deposits of the IDF General staff to examine the readiness commands.
Date: 03/04/2011, 8:23 am today (Thursday), 25th of Adar II, 2010, March 31, 2011, ended a large-scale deposits of the IDF General staff to examine the readiness commands, arms and wings, regular and reserve army, fighting different descriptors. The exercise scenarios mimic various operatives and many reserve officers and soldiers.

During the exercise tested methods and procedures of cooperation between land forces, air
And yes the functional continuity capabilities of the command post, under different titles.

It also tested through conflict management in different locations at the same time, the values activity support logistics, intelligence, information, treatment and dialogue in the rear with the political echelon.

As part of the exercise were to take earlier exercises, application to take the second Lebanon war and the lessons of operation cast lead.

Chief of general staff, General Benny Gantz, directed at high command post evaluation and partnership in the exercise of the various bodies. Mr. Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, visited audio is on, and participate in assessments.

During the exercise, said Chief of general staff, General Benny Gantz, that exercise held last week in a traditional exercise is held annually and incorporates a lot of goofy. He added that the exercises are derived from our achorah to maintain constant vigilance and preparedness of the IDF.

Mr. Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, said in his “importance of exercise is the opportunity it gives to command post exercises, to prepare and create a common language with the political echelon”. The Minister added that “the participation of reserve exercise contributes to continuity and transfer of knowledge and the President the burden of exam preparation, we hope not, but we will have to know how to beat them if and when they arrive.

Members of the Subcommittee of Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee also visited and heard on exercise
And the progress. The Committee Chairman, Knesset member Shaul Mofaz said that “the IDF headquarters training, this type of exercise allows skills to the level of staff alongside operational capabilities in parallel to dialogue with the political echelon, all within the framework of parliamentary oversight in relation to political-military level. This is an important exercise.

The Commander, Maj. Gen. Gershon Hacohen said that the exercise is designed to prepare the army for war, adding that “the army is making evident the exercise as a lever to processes and job training
New girls “.

The IDF spokesperson indicates that exercise is predetermined according to graph the annual training and regular training program. Ongoing activities in training and ongoing training in all sectors and units, in describing different individual to the division level, the command and general staff

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