Date: 08/09/2007, 00:00, Chief of staff
General Gabi Ashkenazi, met yesterday (Friday) afternoon with senior reserve officers in the air, sea and land and their families during vacation in one of the hotels. The survey from the reserve controls processes in the countries of the region and the threats and the challenges they face stands. He stressed that any future debate on the State of Israel will be necessary to ensure that clear who lost and who won.
The longer the survey plan of the IDF as approved by him.
He added that the army reserve formation in the center of power of the IDF and has a vital role in its ability to fulfill its purpose: protection of Israel’s borders and its citizens.
Referred more to many investor resources in the reserve entry training and equipment and that the IDF continues to deal with State authorities, regarding the personnel reserve compensation.
Holiday activities to reserve commanders and their families is a factory set which satisfies human resources division in the IDF during the desire to express respect and appreciation to carry the burden. Meets the head of human resources, major general Elazar Stern.

Translated from Hebrew