A tube at the Champions: the IDF coverage Center

Review Center in the behavioral sciences, editor of dozens of surveys analyzes findings, moves them to the top echelons – and often motivates organizational changes.
Commander: ‘ we are a significant factor in the decision-making. “

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל


Tel Hashomer base, between different sectors and areas – is also the center of coverage. the Center is staffed mainly by women, headphones and microphone for heads and hands ticking fast on computer keyboards. These airmen are the stone
Many studies element are not motives, one in mscanotiham changes in the army. The IDF’s review Center, which is part of the research branch in the scientific Department dimension (
Behavior) is a research unit that specializes in public opinion polls was established in 2001. The Center is composed of reviewers, that scientific diagnoses, coverage, coverage officer and two researchers.

For all these win Commander, אע”צ (a civilian employee of the IDF) Ronnie טיארג’אן.
“Surveys are critical for decision-making. Every organization senior management uses surveys,
And so we’re in for the highest ranks in the army, “says טיארג’אן אע”צ.

A tube at the Champions: the IDF coverage Center

The Center is mentioned in his civilian research institutes, and deals with perceptions, attitudes and opinions of different groups towards. “we deal in concepts that are relevant to military operations
At all levels, from prospective (candidates for security service) and compulsory soldiers, servants and reservists. We also touch on public occasions relating to State security, “explains Commander.

Most polls results affect the military action

“He’s picking people’s positions, coverage, which basically all scientific research infrastructure behavior”, says research head dimension, Lieutenant Colonel Sarit Amram-Katz. “It is very important that asokrot will work professionally, in an orderly fashion and high fidelity, because on the basis of work are ultimately making decisions,” she notes. “I’m very proud of the work that is done here and believes in the importance a lot.”

In some hours has no control, and required all self-discipline
. “Survey research and explore both his base. Without them we won’t have the data “indicates a researcher at the Center, a Sapphire back axle and m.a.
In sociology. The special character of the position requires daytime activity, whereby all of the connection to the target population of the survey and discuss with the listed – mainly in the evening.

The Center attach great importance to explain the purpose of each survey to explore. “We are trying
Connect them to the polls as possible, indicates major. The women are cooking course, in which they learn about the different stages of the survey goes on from the moment it leaves their hands to make the findings of the sholhanotiham study of the elders. The results, of course, also to explore the. “All jobs are coming to the senior ranks in the army. Most polls results affect one way or another on the action, “said the Commander, טיארג’אן אע”צ.

A tube at the Champions: the IDF coverage Center

Many surveys have begun their review Center, and significant research that altered perceptions were born as a result of the answers given to all respondents. Surveys such as the survey shown in foreign and Security Conference, the surveys show a snapshot of a otibedit youth and recruiting, and permanent members toward passage South-these are only a fraction of them little touch in the center of the coverage.

Some of the findings, even reach. “We hope we are able to explain to decision makers in the military, our findings, the results always consist of Sage טיארג’אן.

Operations center between 30 and 40 surveys, the intermittent invited by military officials. Among themselves, they call in the middle of the same customers.
The demand for surveys, they discover, exceeds the number carried out each year. About half of their polls not performed, and the final decision about getting אכ”א רמ”ט, Brig. Gen. Moshe alush. “Our extensive surveys more than ordinary citizens. We have a large population, exposure and response is also great, because many of the responders are military personnel who understand the importance of research, tells captain.

Conducting surveys, even in an emergency — in real time and high throughput

When the army and the country entering the sanctuary, the Centre also conducted in accordance with IDF coverage. The operation was “page, feel the tension even in space.
Reviewers when they worked intensively on conducting public opinion survey and testing in real time about the perception of the civilian population. “It’s very significant, and it feels even more emergency-working hard around the clock every day, see the results”, says Captain.

Maybe watching from the side it is hard to understand the importance of our work, but to me – it is one of the roles that contribute to help army could see the big army, not just the small unit where we have witnessed all the processes going on in the army, sharing reviews, cpl. Diana telsin. “Our ears are coming.
Not all details are exposed to them, indicates another symbol song reviews-eye.

A tube at the Champions: the IDF coverage Center

Seal of light, at the Center for two years, is now the oldest soldier. The review has been and is currently serving as the right coverage. In this capacity he is responsible for all, helping them when they have technical and other problems.
And accompanied them. “This is indeed an unknown unit, but is very crucial in any significant decision-making in the army, especially in this era of change. All drains here because this is where we derive knowledge, “he says. “We have access to all the military and touch everything that’s going to happen. The army consists of senior and junior people, and here I get to hear what they really think. After the process, people tell us about the survey results, it gives a sense of pride – that we produced the fruit of action, and I know it came from us, “concludes Sergeant Explorer.

Translated from Hebrew