About 700 people were treated in a hospital in the Philippines.

צילום: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

An expedition to the Philippines invested effort in the hospital established on the ground, next to supply water to the villages and routine downtime the aerial.

תאריך: 17/11/2013, 21:01    
מחבר: שיר בויקו, משלחת צה”ל לפיליפינים

A field hospital in the aid of the Philippines finished fourth today (Mon) with its over 700 patients, on the third day to run the hospital.

The delegation, which is now in town-city logo is in the northern part of the island of Cebu, today at the hospital in an effort to help the population return to routine life.
As patients, which stretches a lot after entering the hospital, indicates that spreading word of mouth–an Israeli delegation came to town. Already during the night showed injured by stabbing, the Israeli doctors saved his life by surgery in the hospital.

The delegation’s main effort is the medical treatment in the hospital, established by medical corps. At the same time helps the delegation return to routine, inter alia by providing water to the villages and to schools.

“We have attempted this, and demand here is amazing-many are waiting to receive the service, told the delegation led by Commander of the IDF website, rmatin Sveti אל״מ,” if we get here, the people would not receive an appropriate response and they would have to come to me because mrhako 5 hours away, which probably wouldn’t be able to do. “

In actual hospital staff and qualified to handle unusual casualties in the best possible way. The team includes doctors and nurses am Greiner serves owners, and do a variety of treatments, using full medical equipment that allows them to work at the hospital in. Equipped with x-ray devices, surgery, maternity room.

Delegation leader says that during the work in the area, experience exciting moments. “Every story here is exciting, but experienced some extraordinary stories: today we went back to school activity that should accommodate 1500 students, allowing tomorrow for these students to learn. It’s the people that we help them to regroup and return to normal life “, he said.

Translated from Hebrew