Advanced Medical AIDS into the new 80th

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Within the framework of the program “my brother’s keeper.” of medical corps fighters blocking issues
Upgraded and arterial plasma powder to stop bleeding. This year will also use goggles.

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מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

Chief Medical Officer (קרפ”ר), Brigadier General Prof. afshin Kreis, a week ago in the 80th to examine when the redesigned service operational medicine.
During the visit, inaugurated a new clinic קרפ”ר construction in which Amalia Brigade (חטמ”ר) Sagi, heard about the complexities and challenges in the sector and tighten the understanding and implementation of the training. “In recent years Medical Corps did a makeover,” said Deputy medical officer, Maj. Assaf ogdati. “We’ve heard the business needs of the soldiers and fighters from the findings, and conclusions that are below.

Advanced Medical AIDS into the new 80th

In recent years medical corps leads the “my brother’s keeper.”-which was an innovative medical equipment with each soldier carrying and can help save lives. “We understand that not everyone can be saved,” explained Maj. Assaf and sharpened because “our goal, as the institution by the Corps, is to bring about a zero mortality rate among these they Brie rescue.”

Within the framework of the program “my brother’s keeper.” some of the operators are given the finest base already various accessories: plasma powder that contribute to blood clotting and stop bleeding; Tourniquet upgraded named CAT, which tighten the tourniquet to the bleeding area; Mustatit pad replacement pads, which contain lead and absorbs more full in the blood; And a small device that is attached to the finger and checks blood pressure, instead of the msorblim that there are clinics. “Medical corps brings the prelude also serves first aid level,” explained Deputy medical officer of 80th. “We want to be lloachm able to save the wounded in the area until the arrival of emergency medical technician, paramedic, or physician.

The program continues to evolve, too, and in 2014 should be her new medical devices such as special underwear that help protect against fire page.
In 2013 entered using goggles to smaller innovative shrapnel injuries. Additionally, medical officials in the 80th for service improvement continue, building new clinics and of accredited practitioners. The Research Institute of the medical corps fighter are continuing to investigate the physiology of the fighters, and see how to allow maximum comfort along with maintaining health.

Advanced Medical AIDS into the new 80th

80th Division holds the title as the largest in the country in terms of territory is
Weak, and includes many bases. “The evacuation of wounded in this country challenge
True, Maj. Assaf. “We make a lot of exercises in cooperation with the air force, where we practice evacuations heated. The principle that guides us is if the patient needs urgent evacuation, no matter what the severity of his injury, calling a helicopter, “said the site.

Uniquely designed medical officials treat diverse populations-soldiers
And warriors to women warriors who serve the sector and infiltrators captured across the fence. Visit the medical officer was designed as a summary. “We feel that marching forward in medicine there is an understanding of the needs, along with spirit”, said major Asaf and concluded that “the importance of operational medicine and training we were able to reach the soldiers.”

Translated from Hebrew