Against uncertainty and rumors: that the ב”צוק חמ”ל plant “

צילום: דיבור צה”ל

Manager personnel casualties and cities officers worked around the clock during operation “Cliff”: they made sure the families and those injured will receive certain message as quickly as possible. As shagroa from becoming a reality.

תאריך: 27/10/2014, 17:50    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

One of the most complex tasks carried out during “Cliff” did not occur at the front and there was lot of information, but she had great significance to many lives. Director and officers of cities (a) through the operation message 214 messages, of which 64 families killed and the families of injured soldiers. The Manager followed and treated 63 funerals, and in two cases handed over to families reporting missing. This task is not a simple rule, became even more challenging during the operation, when the names have spaces several times using social networks prior to authentication. In addition, it took the Manager to deal with complex cases which took time from concept to identify with certainty the victim.

Against uncertainty and rumors: that the ב”צוק חמ”ל plant “

The industry and the cities he officers each case once the injurious to the end. “The first part of the operational part, takes place with us and he composed,” said head injuries and officers, Colonel Yoram Hasson. When it comes to event information including חמ”ל wounded victims, trying to glean as much information as possible from their own territory-the regimental/3. “We are asking for any information, the information must be too, so that we can start preparing and promoting
The officers of our cities to the right area, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Hasson.
Although the message lmhirot is very significant, reliability is more important in these cases-and executed only after ID Therefore, in order to reduce delays that once the certificate course, the informants will speed to the door of the family.
“We work to not be technical delays. In cases where we knew the name we have is probably, but waited for official confirmation, dropping the teams home zone, “explained the head of the branch.

“The teams are in constant alert informants.”

During the extraction, informants situation carried out intense activity to identify the soldier and personal details: where, who, his family and other information. To do this they use your information
צה”ליות records, along with their bare information civil records such as social security.
“Once you’ve made a family tree, the officers. Any city officer sitting unit notified teams, are in constant alert and notified the family. From this moment, the staff notify the family partnership, until the seven “, Lieutenant Colonel strong.

In order to perform the necessary message detection based on personal acquaintance, complicated to perform in combat. The teams in the field use, unit members and when not allow promotions based on fingerprint recognition, DNA or dental identification. Fingerprint based recognition can be performed on surface spaces using special tablets that are carried by the teams.
Identification based on DNA or dental records can be executed only in a lab located in tzrifin, this process takes a long time proportionally.

Using tablets existed in operation cast lead, but
A limited scope. At the same time, during the “Cliff” was first used in this device is also identifying the wounded to hospitals in critical condition. “We are crossing over information coming from triple and seeing who arrived at the hospital. Puzzle elements together.
To obtain the snapshot, all under time pressure “, said head injuries and officers.

Against uncertainty and rumors: that the ב”צוק חמ”ל plant “

As mentioned, during operation “Cliff” required the teams to make industry’s informants 214 posts. This includes messages that were given separately for each parent in the event that the parents are divorced, as well as the most recent announcement for a first-degree relative at home. In the event that the family of each brother lived with his family in another city. from informants teams these cities for the pop-up message. In some cases the messages to grandparents.
When the soldier did not live in Israel, found the wounded and other ways cities officers to contact the family. “There were 15 such cases while ‘ cliff with them, a relatively high number,” added Lt.-Col.
Hasson. “The messages were carried out on the basis of a complete with appendices and consoles in countries where their families live.
At the same time, 19 were ‘ control ‘ messages during the operation. These messages are directed to first-degree relatives who are in the IDF service, some even in combat. “In this case, the soldier’s Commander to tell him about the incident, removed from the field and the home,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Hasson.

Except in cases involving fatalities, informants also promised families of seriously wounded, mechanically ventilated and euthanized. “She always preferred the soldier will announce himself and talks to his parents, that the symbolism of informants within Israeli society. The strong reactions when the first thing they say is that informants ‘ it was injured, said Lt. Col. Hasson.

Facing waves of rumors: act quickly but without shortcuts

One of the most important challenges facing the driver, is making the notices to families in the digital age.
“Social networks creates challenges. We can’t go wrong. You can’t knock, and therefore has a very methodical process. But there is dealing with
Information through parallel channels, “said Lieutenant Colonel Hasson. “There is a huge challenge-speed reliability issues message to beat the press.”

The main challenge is facing non-institutionalized media, including blogs, social networks and software side to deliver messages like ה”וואטסאפ. “Flows of all places-space and situation. There are cases where it is not possible to block all of the information, for example פצמ”ר fell on the ground, gathering in the Gaza Strip. There were families who were waiting for modiae letter casualties because they may have been affected by rumours.
Relating to incorrect names, told the bad.

Against uncertainty and rumors: that the ב”צוק חמ”ל plant “

When it came to the family foundation that truth, the official is just as important as another case. The text will not change nor how. “Anyway, there’s another rumor that glimmer of hope. The arrival of a team of informants have no uncertainty, “he said.
“In order to deal with this phenomenon will act as quickly as possible, but will not harm the credibility and no shortcuts,” said Lieutenant Colonel Hasson. Therefore, CI teams do everything they can to shorten the time with technical activities. “If you feel the information we have is not enough to carry a message has two options: not to inform, or to perform a message comes,” he added.
The message provided is a situation where there is no positive identification of the space, but notified team coming to the family home and provide the information that is in the army at the same time. “ב’צוק ITAN” there were cases in which there was no positive identification, and we had to use the relatively long take recognition like DNA. In these cases we bytes before the course and made the first announcement to the family to know that their son was probably among the casualties “, shared the bad” this step is done with the understanding that if the families receive information and not wait for hours to notify, the situation would be terrible. ” In addition, after the announcement, published in the media that the family got the message, and so other families can know that this is not a son.
The message is provided only with the approval of the head of אכ”א, and in these cases the informants teams remain at any time and update them in real time throughout the development. During the operation, delivered two messages. “Cases of Auron Shaul and Goldin were complex. The first process is the same-to figure out what happened, who was there and who was hit, “recalled Lt. Col. Hasson. In these cases, the teams carried messages and submit all the information is in their possession and concern that apparently the son is alive. “Our credibility
In front of a very important family and give them all the information we have, “said.

Translated from Hebrew