The detectives and the main unit in the South suspected of theft arrested Mag livestock dozens of controllers and balianbakvot sheep thefts of cattle and sheep in the South, the Central Evaluation Unit
Majestic South investigation is adopted in order to bring about the arrest of those involved. Last week arrested
And detectives team fighters South residents suspected of involvement in a large number of thefts.

This morning, after receiving intelligence information is accurate, only the comprehensive search
Suspect’s House in Tel Sheva. Detected instead of sheep on 19 suspected stolen from Kibbutz Ruhama. In addition
The detectives only discovered instead of 21 sheep on suspected stolen from another farm. Instead of wheels detected
Steal. Two suspects were detained for questioning.

The investigating officer of the main unit at Magic South noted:
Resources and efforts from magazines geared toward putting us on crime generators
Agriculture in the region and make them accountable.
This activity is part of actions made and will be made in order to provide these farmers and growers
Ruminant in personal security and occupation to the account with the perpetrators. “

Translated from Hebrew