Date: 07/05/2011, 12:00 am the IDF removed because during the 63rd independence day of the State of Israel, the IDF will fly out of the air force in the country and special istim Navy along the Mediterranean coast and the Gulf of Eilat, Israel and salute to the citizens.
This year, as every year, will open the selected bases of air force, Navy and land to the public on Monday and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Bayer 5771, 10-11 May 2011.
Israel citizens are invited to visit and enjoy.
Here are the opening their doors to visitors:
• Eilat base opened on independence day Eve (Monday) from 8 pm-midnight.
• Haifa base opens during the fourth of July (Tue) 9:00.

Ashdod base opens during the fourth of July (Tue) 9:00. The base is displayed
Exhibition of weapons and smuggling boats seized by the Navy.
Air force

Ramat David airbase, Tel NOF base and technological College of the air force in Haifa will open on the fourth of July (3) from 9 am to 2 pm. The exhibition will include bases
Which display different aircraft and those serving the air force now.
The bases are displayed weapons, search and rescue, air force runs fast food stalls and crafts for children.
At the base.
Ramat David will be able to watch throughout the day of departure and arrivals of “bat”, shows, exhibits the level of aircraft and demonstrations using rescue and extinguishing measures.
Technical College of the air force in Haifa will fly helicopters “bat”, fire show, concert, band and other activities for children.
Air Force Museum of the IAF hatzerim opens from 9 am to 5 pm and will take place where the following activities:
Showcase of piston aircraft of the air force from the 1950s showed the air force band and dance band, the aircraft with 150 different aircraft, creative corner for children and souvenir photos of children dressed in flight suit and helmet. Guided tours, puzzle magazines, but carrier flight simulation and air battles and more. Entry to the Museum is free of charge.
Please note that the entrance to IDF bases not allowed entering armed, nor allowed the entry of animals. Basic entrance fee upon presentation of identification.
In addition to open bases in IDF camps around the country, parking lots will be deployed on the fourth of July from 9 am to 2 pm:
• North: hatzor, Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya, Shlomi, Nazareth, Katzrin, daliyat El-Carmel and Golani junction.
• South: Yoav fortress, Jerusalem, Sderot, Netivot, ofakim, Rahat, Meitar and Omer blades.
• At the Centre:
Efrat, Neve Tzuf, Bethel, Beit Arie, Oranit, Kiryat Arba, Ariel, in the Jordan Valley, Beit She’an, stuck, um SAFA, Muntinlupa, Maaleh Adumim, Tron and ammunition Hill.
Arms exhibition will be displayed at the memorial sites at ammunition Hill, Yoav and metzudat Golani junction. Latrun multidimensional exhibition hailit is displayed.
The IDF calls on the public to abide by the instructions to avoid entering the minefields and other forbidden areas in all regions of the country:
Independence day, open to visitors some of the territories in North, Central and South. Dover
The IDF stressed that even during the holidays there will be some fire training areas properly, including training ammunition. Accordingly, advised people to drive carefully and according to instructions and to ensure that they do not inadvertently enter a fire areas.
Every entrance to IDF fire, IDF, coordinating with and obtaining written permission. When trying to fire without coordination, is breaking the law and risking my life.
Prohibition to enter settings cross fenced areas and control. The minefields are marked by barbed wire and red warning triangle and a yellow warning against.
In addition, maps and hiking trails there is detail of the most forbidden entrance and travel etiquette in different regions.
IDF spokesman reiterates that the entrance to the area A is prohibited under law and tried to ban an is and is not recommended.
Calls for clear and early coordination:
Focus South – 08-9902926/7
Call Center 02-5305042 Center
Focus North-04-6979007

Translated from Hebrew