Air Force Commander: “we’re effective operations that prevent us to deteriorate to war.”

Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel spoke today at the 9th international space named Colonel
Ilan Ramon, the Israeli air force role in removing threats: “like a scalpel surgery, we remove specific threats and secretive – and create deterrence.”

תאריך: 29/01/2014, 21:47    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

“The ability to respond to threats increased 15 times since the second Lebanon war,” he said tonight, Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, in remarks at the annual international IX named Colonel Ilan Ramon, Israeli air force school in Herzliya. He surveyed the threats to the State of Israel today, and the solutions are available in order to respond to these threats.

Eshel said, which were made during a session on the subject of space and security which took part the head space of FA Director, Brig. Gen. Ret Amnon Harari and Deputy Commander of u.s. space command, Lieutenant General just released her John, the IDF response in future campaign against radical groups in front of the North of the State of Israel.

According to the Commander of the air force, the main threat to the Israeli home front will reveal itself in the form of villages and towns in South Lebanon and Beirut, where every apartment or building to which no floor. This floor is intended for use by those organizations at the time.
“Organizations bring war to the rear, where we have to fight to stop them and to win. It’s obvious – whoever stays the ב’בסיסים who run those harmed.
It will not be like the past, “Eshel explained.
He later stated that “we’re not going to take the gloves off or to follow moral rules other than those that we put them up today, but the response is going to be. Our ability to attack multiple targets at all times is intensified, “Air Force Commander.

Referring to the historical changes in the Middle East, noting that “the air force is running almost daily attack and defense. No single operational action we do not involve a space component — not the design, not in real time or both together. I
Can’t imagine our ability to act in the absence of air and space capabilities.

Against the backdrop of the IDF’s operational readiness for broad spectrum of threats, Eshel said that “a lot of great changes have taken place, and there’s quite a few directions with positive potential. There is uncertainty in the long term about curbing Iranian nuclear and chemical disarmament manifesto Syria – these positive steps but it is not clear how it will end. At the time — radical axis. Either way – air force required to preserve its operational response for the request options and scenarios.

Daily evaluation managers against terrorist

He said that future conflict in the northern sector will have to face
Thousands of Hezbollah bases that threaten the State of Israel home front. Some bases are civilian homes – my husband some floors and basements and rooms where locked weapons. “War is the mother of all surprises, but we must retain the ability to make the best of our abilities,
Eshel said.

Later in the battle between the wars – the actions that are done in between the debates.
“Run here daily campaign especially against terrorist organizations. The spring session, Iran and enters the children around us. The purpose of this campaign is to address risks before they occur. We must achieve a situation where small becomes big threat and make significant strategic issue, “explained air force control and added that” we don’t have effective us operations to war, which is a very complex matter. “

The IDF’s air force, said the Air Force Commander, Eitan and stronger over time.
“We can simulate this power to sledgehammer. Our challenge is to make him, or parts
Him – scalpel shamsir surgeons like threats or – quiet, pinpointed ”
Eshel —. “Uncertainty is causing threats to jump and break through to the surface.
Our ability to build secret and confidential tools takes a long time, and the air force is relevant here. Beyond that we remove threats – we produce deterrence, “he added.

“Arrogant posturing but without any of the permanent members is irresponsible.”

Another air force commander relates to budgetary reality that stands in army and claimed that “the State of Israel needs to maintain a strong army and relevant. The army needs a multi-year plan whereby can make progress and develop. When horizon resources – you cannot reach these regions. On the same theme, noting that “Eshel to productive, but we have reached a very problematic regions. The arrogant posturing but without any permanent officials is irresponsible.
The responsibility for protecting the country on people with names and faces, and the best technologies – our challenge is to keep the best people in the system.

Meanwhile, air force Chief praised air defence capabilities of the IDF. “we have our national pride: Herb interception system layered that it erupts
And only one of its kind in the world. The following may not be sterile confrontation as “pillar”, who were injured, and there is no such thing as tight defense, but the soldiers are ready to cope with major challenges.

Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel finish remarks referring to the IDF’s General hatatzmotho and air force. “Over the years in building the capabilities and its unprecedented fire capabilities in relation to everything we knew in the past. The enemy is expanded too, gaining missile and rocket in huge numbers. Throughout the enemy working on to enhance their accuracy and lethality, “said Air Force Commander concluded that our test will maximize our abilities. This is our test right now, air force and army if we have to fight on fight “.

Translated from Hebrew