Air force fight with determination in road accidents

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First venture in palmahim combines senior officers said road traffic safety in schools. Palmahim Base: “it’s not cutting, and we have to continue our war on traffic accidents.”

תאריך: 17/11/2013, 10:26    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

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“Air force, compare the driving world flight” that highlights
This week, a special base, Brig. Gen. Yoav, pioneering project in the base, which volunteers to Second Lieutenant General rank officers in schools, explain the importance of road safety. The first project began this week, within a week of personal security
The IDF. “we must fight the traffic accidents. It’s not cutting and we are here to change this culture, “said Brigadier General.
The project was awarded to “home
Peace is the fruit of a flight control officer initiative at the base, Lieutenant Ronnie abramer, and is
Is held in cooperation between the Ministry of education and “green light”. The venture comes teams of officers, NCOs and soldiers for schools across the country over the weekend, and informational programs on road traffic safety, after undergoing proper training by representatives of the Association. “The fact that our annual entrance uniforms for school grades, has a different meaning to the students,” explained Lieutenant abramer.
“The fact that we belong to and raise safety awareness among young people and driving change anything for the youth”.
The idea for the project started at the abramer head six months ago. “I decided to do something beyond my role, I don’t at all regarding road safety, Greece I developed awareness, which in my opinion is” State strike, said, “I decided that, as an officer in the army of my involvement in the community is essential, and I received the full support of the commanders about the project. The Deputy added that although abramer is an initiative of the palmahim, but is expected to be in the air force and other army bases. “As soldiers, our main mission is protecting the security of the country and each of us has operational missions. When we arrive at clarifying schools – this is our ultimate goal, but we’re here because your lives are important to us, and we are partners with you to maintain road safety.
Under the project, wanted a weekend at palmachim before school in Holon on the importance of maintaining road safety. “Since the 2000s and the Israeli air force, lost most of his men on the roads when in 2003 fatal crash occurred between a truck of the Israeli air force and civilian was killed”, said Brigadier General, and explained that “since the Air Force Commander decided that we go to war on traffic accidents.” Today, the base commander said, not every soldier has a driver’s license can become a military driver, and is unique to customs inspections take place through simulators and advanced systems. In addition, qualifications courses on different types of vehicles, and to maintain the competence of drivers, each driver is required for theoretical examinations periodically.

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