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Akim of the Intelligence Division soldiers to watch the show on the theme lifestyle of people with intellectual disability. Ten teenagers joined the army.
Since 2009

תאריך: 06/02/2014, 13:22    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

חיל המודיעין

This week the soldiers even booked the intelligence units to display, players are people with intellectual disability in different levels of functioning.
The show took place as part of the initiative of Ramat Gan-givatayim branch of Akim.

2009 takes place in the Intelligence Department entitled “project in uniform”, designed to integrate people with mental disabilities in full military service. Unlike voluntary frameworks, they undergo a kind of boot camp, get insurance and serving in the army as soldiers for everything ”
Hakim told the Chairman of the branch in Ramat Gan and Giv’atayim, Gideon Ahmed, who served in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as head of history and heritage in the intelligence Corps. “This project symbolizes openness
The Division not only applies with a high IQ, but also the heart and love of man, “he added.

The project began with 15 five years ago, and currently serve in the intelligence wing ten soldiers with intellectual disability, most of them in the unit 8200. “With the Intelligence Division led to a decision that we have to upload the show for the IDF, as the crowd consists of soldiers”, said Ahmed at the event and added that “We express
Recognition and evaluation for EM on opening doors and hearts. “

Meanwhile, in cooperation with the Intelligence Division soldiers volunteer rehabilitation work centers. Within this volunteer package of food for Hanukkah
And Purim – a joint effort of soldiers and people with an intellectual disability.

The show itself ran a few years ago, and recently noted players and organizers of shows across 39 13500 spectators. After the show there was a panel featuring actors, along with the Intelligence Chief, and a civilian working in a limited, Maid today. During the command of soldiers with mental disabilities realized they are not a burden, but a privilege, “said the captain, רמ”ד Panel.

He said the soldiers who deal with intellectual disability from IDF service producers the most. “We want them to do something – they do it with love and pride.”
Explained. Also, the encounter with the other soldiers of interactions creates.
“All of a sudden the soldiers again smaller and they develop a sense of responsibility and concern towards their friends,” added captain.

In sum, Chief stressed the relationship between disability integration value acceptance of differences and the army model. “the IDF leads the acceptance of differences and social involvement and acceptance of conducive to the people’s army,” building set. As a result of integrating a large part
The soldiers in the unit are saved, a certificate of appreciation.

Translated from Hebrew