Akram Hasoon was sworn in to the Knesset on Monday, and he will begin serving as an MK on behalf of the Kulanu faction. Hasson, who served as an MK on behalf of the Kadima faction during the 18th Knesset, is replacing Kulanu`s chairman, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, who resigned from parliament in the framework of the so-called ”Norwegian Law.”

”I am proud to be a member of a social-national party,” Hasoon said after pledging his loyalty to the State of Israel. ”We the Druze have always felt that we are second class citizens, that our villages are not being developed. We educate our children to serve the country, and when they return home they do not have a roof over their heads. Sixty percent of our population lives on one salary. I believe the situation can be changed. I believe there is no other country for Israel`s Arabs, even though it is the state of the Jews, and therefore we must change the situation. Therefore, we must reach an agreement that will bring peace and hope.”

Akram Hasoon sworn in to the Knesset; says ”Israel`s Arabs have no other country”

Akram Hasoon

The Druze, he noted, are the ethnic group with the highest percentage of people who serve in the army, ”but there is frustration.” The Jewish people ”have no better friend than the Druze,” so the Druze must not be treated in a way that makes them feel like second class citizens,” Hasoon told the Knesset plenum.

Minister Kahlon welcomed Hasoon back to the Knesset and said ”you are a loyal and respectable representative of the Druze in particular and of the citizens of Israel in general.” He also thanked Hasoon for agreeing to join the Kulanu party.