Al-bomber and beyond

Givati גדס”ר fighters, along with Sayeret Rimon, practiced a scenario of chasing elusive bomber. When that was in their hands, they were surprised to discover that never ends

תאריך: 28/03/2014, 12:35    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד הדרום

The Warriors of Givati, together with גדס”ר members of Sayeret Rimon, a practice this month agreement training courses tells a challenging scenario: chasing,
That develops the pursuit of terrorist cell to which it connected. The journey, which began in the activity simulates a helicopter RAID and ended with a trip to Masada, was a critical test for the warriors and examined them in extreme physical and mental States.

Al-bomber and beyond

During the week the Warriors dealt with a difficult task – chasing the elusive bomber escapes
At a time to another. During the exercise, they came to his village, there seemed a task in a built-up area, continued to exercise in open areas after being told that might have escaped.

Then, when they finally caught the bomber, he informs them that he has already sent the link towards Israel attack. Here their mission of fighting continues, as they need to locate and link to a person.

Al-bomber and beyond

When it comes to sightseeing gdud, purpose is to be at the Division in combat, the importance of professional qualification is crucial. “This week is based on professional weeks passed such
Cloaking, and navigation “, explains Captain Roy McMillin, Commander of the training company of the Geddes.” there is great importance to professionalism of warriors. Whoever meets the professionalism and steadfastness in orbit. Eventually in the next war, there’s no one better than us. “

Translated from Hebrew