Allowed to publish the name of the soldier who died this morning from wounds

סמל ממן ז”ל. צילום: אוסף פרטי

The soldier, Sergeant Nathaniel Fund, last week by a rocket and yavneh, died this morning as a result of his wounds

תאריך: 29/08/2014, 12:29    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Allowed to publish the name of IDF soldier, Sergeant Nathaniel Fund, who was injured on 14.2
A rocket Gan yavne and died from his wounds. The icon Fund, 21 yavne, shields served as a technician in the ordnance Corps. After his death he was promoted from corporal to Sergeant.

The funeral of Nathaniel Fund will today (18.5), at 2 pm in the garden cemetery.

Translated from Hebrew