Always first, even producing lessons

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Combat engineering corps after operation “Cliff” examines changes in the following lessons. Among the changes: another unit dedicated to underground broker, סמו”ר unit and improving technological capabilities

תאריך: 10/10/2014, 10:02    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

Performs “bluff”, the day after: after the combat engineering corps position was crucial in fighting in the Gaza Strip, now engage in examining new measures in dealing with warfare doctrines. “The heart of the operation was destroying enemy infrastructure, fluted head as now examine for cause in Corps, Lieutenant Colonel Prince 2008 Tsachi. “This is
Mission number one engineering and engineering forces were involved at any point in destroying the tunnels and their discovery. ” Dealing Corps operation was not just against the tunnels, but also the threat of explosives, traps and physical barriers, such as opening hinges
And transitions with צמ”ה (heavy equipment).

It’s still early to determine whether additional unit will be dedicated to dealing with underground or broker is shut down other units but all options are still on the table.
“The dedicated unit dealing with rivers, סמו”ר (slicks and tunnels), expand, and enhance technological capabilities, “reveals Lt. Col. aroeti. “Some of the capabilities of the unit סמו”ר is transferred to ordinary engineering abilities, so I had been selling tickets and the use of these chshirviot will be wider. “

Weapons in underground broker

Underground broker training existed before operation in the combat engineering corps, but according to Lieutenant Colonel Prince 2008 receive new volume after generated lessons. “I estimate that engineer brigades lchohot enters training or competency of destroying tunnels, apparently on practice training brigades,” he says. “I believe it’s the right move and should give the abilities to cope with tunnels to engineering brigades.

However, some remain nachltan engineering chshirviot of units. “Unit
יהל”ם (engineering unit for special tasks) operation operating in all sectors, in all divisions, and was involved in handling a tunnel and a tunnel,” Lieutenant Colonel Prince 2008 specifications. “There is no doubt that some of the capabilities to other regiments of her professionalism was, they can only perform improvement of their capabilities, technological measures and also in chshirviot.

At the same time, are currently developing efforts to improve
Naval capabilities in various fields. New embedded weapons during the fighting, “ב”צוק helps the troops manipulated in engineering.

Among the weapons were modern have been imprinted in real-time include wireless operating system to sabotage, dedicated to Corps observation and protection devices alongside the Chargers offense with enhanced capabilities. “We received feedback and made adjustments
During the operation, “recalled Lt. Col. aroeti. “Every day we combat lessons”.

“The threats of the next great fight will go and work.”

Along with the lessons and learning to cut the Gaza Strip, no Corps
Forget to prepare for various scenarios throughout the State. “Each sector has its own characteristics, and as we learn the properties of Gaza-we deal also with studying the properties of Lebanon and Syria”, says Lieutenant Colonel Prince 2008. “Each of these hardships build specific drills and tools.

He said all threats have in common — but also different things. “The common denominator
Wide base, and certainly you can derive lessons from fighting in the Gaza Strip in preparation for future fighting, “explains Lieutenant Colonel Prince 2008. With the understanding that any future fighting, just go and get engineering. “The threats of the next great fight,
Whether in Syria or Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, just go and get a result of understanding that exists at the enemy because he needs to hurt us as much as possible. “

Indeed, the Central Corps ב”צוק” seems to be part of a broader trend in the IDF is preparing for threats in the future. “I think as time goes on, engineering assistance component in getting significantly more maneuverability,” explains Lieutenant Colonel Prince 2008. “You can explain
It changes in combat fighting today in the occupied and the enemy is based on fundamental obstacles to stop and pause the troops. “

Translated from Hebrew