An expedition to the Philippines started in medical and civilian wounded.

קצין מפיקוד העורף בפיליפינים. צילום: שי וגנר, דובר צה”ל

In collaboration with local forces assist IDF forces to regain full function hospital and medical assistance. Expedition leader: “made great efforts to assist with whatever we can.”

תאריך: 14/11/2013, 21:17    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

משלחת סיוע לפיליפינים
פיקוד העורף

An expedition to the Philippines
He arrived to deliver medical aid to the country blinked anymore in the Asian country had landed. The Chief of the national search and rescue (יחצ”א) and Commander of the expedition to the Philippines, Sveti rmatin, Colonel tonight (Thursday) to IDF assistance activities in the country. “We came here 12 hours ago and landed at the north end of the island known as Hugo
City, said Colonel Sveti and added that “the entire area here suffered greatly from the Philippines Typhoon class.

Only one hospital in the North of the island exists and IDF expedition company
To the medical staff on the spot in order to restore it to full function. “The goal is to help the hospital to return to full functioning, so that people who need medical treatment would not have to travel five hours to somewhere else,” said Colonel Sveti.  At this sort of aid, troops and rescue the Israelis brought supplies with them. “The resources here are limited, and it will take us some time to regroup. I hope tomorrow we will start to get people home.
The hospital here, said the Commander of the expedition to the Philippines.

An expedition to the Philippines started in medical and civilian wounded.

Public relations Chief briefing at Ben Gurion International Airport before departure for the Philippines. Photo: IDF spokesman Peter Lerner

He said the hospital is able to absorb about 500 people a day. During the operations in the Philippines, assistance Chief of publicity with the Philippine army helicopter over the area.
The city center was hit and damaged in periphery population “, said Colonel Sveti. “Our goal is to provide the medical services the hospital should give, and equipment. We know to be of service to the hospital, even at its best, giving the wounded, “testified. Among other things, he said, x-ray rooms and midwives.

He’s a promoter, the Philippines develop makeshift camps housing the residents, damaged infrastructure and city where the Israeli delegation is completely disconnected.
“There is no means of generators, no running water and a safe feature-the development of infections and diseases,” said Colonel Sveti. These days Israeli forces advanced by the locals in the establishment of the hospital, and the move is expected to be completed by tomorrow afternoon (morning Israel time).

An expedition to the Philippines started in medical and civilian wounded.

The officers sent to the Philippines are preparing to fly to the disaster area. Photo: IDF spokesman Peter Lerner

Moreover, the Israeli delegation went to civilian assistance alongside the medical assistance. “Schools don’t function here, and one of the requests of the locals is to help return the competency institutions”, said the Chief of the Israeli delegation to the Philippines. To respond to these needs are among the Israeli delegation also, personnel and electricians
Other professionals. “We brought in equipment and if we allow to restore these buildings
Even function-parts make this effort. We’re here to help “, said Colonel Sveti.

Translated from Hebrew