An expedition to the Philippines would return to Israel after providing broad assistance to locals.

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2686 people treated in IDF field hospital, which also helps in recovery.
Schools and water infrastructure. Chief of mission: “we saved the lives of dozens of people in great satisfaction.”

תאריך: 26/11/2013, 11:39    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

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Today (Monday) is officially over the Israeli operations on the island Cebu the Philippines, given medical treatment and blinking the typhoon disaster in the region.
“Baltimore Medical Center saved the lives of dozens of people. A total of 2686 field hospital treated people, including children, and 848 60 surgeries, “said Colonel Sveti rmatin, Commander of the expedition to the Philippines and the national search and rescue (יחצ”א) in the HFC.

Today at 12:00 (local time) transferred responsibility for addressing a German-Austrian medical team that arrived. “Although his abilities is not good as the Israeli team, but give better medical care that could get the Philippines before the arrival of the Israeli delegation, said Colonel Sveti and added that” we’re keeping in bogo city logistic infrastructure and State-of-the-art medical equipment (like an x-ray machine that cannot be found on Earth), to allow for optimal response.

An expedition to the Philippines would return to Israel after providing broad assistance to locals.

In addition to a contribution of $ 500,000 from various organizations to purchase medicines and equipment for schools
The hospital, the Israeli delegation concern to rehabilitate water and electricity infrastructure in the regional hospital to the function. At the same time, became an integrated activity of the Foreign Ministry, the IDF and civil assistance go to the local population. “Restored four schools, and thus allowed to about 3,000 students to return to school. In addition, workshops and dealing with disaster situations to approximately 120 teachers and administrators so that tens of thousands of students will be able to return to normal, “the Israeli delegation leader to the Philippines.

Furthermore, Israeli forces engaged in operations to supply regular solutions of water to outlying areas, as the most recent ïpticcïntent prïíisiïn work with containers for storing water.
“An expedition to the Philippines Cebu island on the map, and turned the attention of the Philippines and the whole world,” said Colonel Sveti and said the island’s Governor said that “the Israeli delegation and the island was forgotten and abandoned”.

With summary, IDF delegation are expected to return home as many shaishgis often hostile world. “Among our people there is great satisfaction. The initiation ceremony was held today for the shikmano school in aid of JDC and donations from the Jewish community. Excited to see thousands of children the Philippines with Israel, flags that the Israeli delegation leader.

The delegation will fly to the Philippines on Wednesday morning, after the transfer of the wounded who could not receive an answer in the medical field hospital to a hospital in the area. “Land in Israel with the entry of the Hanukkah holiday, and put us two children with cleft palate in order to pass in Israel,” said Colonel Sveti. The two children will receive full medical care in the country, thanks to the collaboration of the IDF, Israel Ministry of Defense and other agencies.


Translated from Hebrew