An increase in the operational activities of the submarines, “to the North”

צוללת “דולפין” של חיל הים. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Haifa base commander said today that “Hezbollah continues to obtain strategic” Amal In naval submarines are to receive new tools from Germany, dedicated base and emphasize: “u bring special capabilities”

תאריך: 25/02/2014, 18:38    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים

“When you examine the challenges we expected in the near future we aim mainly to the North.
That means that Syria and Hezbollah — the latter is active and functioning at continues to have impact, Amal in command. He said Brigadier General Eli letters today sceptre, Commander Navy base in Haifa. “We assume that there
In his iahavent missiles that are fired from the shore towards the sea, ships and be prepared for it, “he added.
Senior Navy presented today data indicating an increase in the scope of operational hours “hours” by submarine flotilla. Recently, expecting and new challenges in the North, marine apply not required to deal with them in the past. This is added to the task force, therefore protecting drilling rigs as part of a project
‘ Economic waters, along with threats of such weaponry smuggling by sea.
Meanwhile, focuses on strengthening the Navy completed continental connection, and labor to land fighter
Recognize the benefits of the sea can give him. In response to threats from the air force provide Amal and enhanced cruise the new submarines. “This year there were thousands of operational hours,
Many unique promotions, one received the submarine flotilla Commander Navy estimate, “concluded Commander submarine flotilla.

An increase in the operational activities of the submarines, “to the North”

Meanwhile, submarine flotilla is preparing to receive three new submarine from Germany. “Polynomial”-new iachnch class submarine fleet in 2017.
The Foundation will answer its needs of submarines, and subject to the Haifa base.
“The submarines, which the first ones arrive in the coming year, they have special abilities.
Including collecting intelligence for a long time, “said the Commander, Colonel submarine flotilla.
At the base.
Innovative docking Pier will be built, which will have many advantages: secrecy from the public eye and aiktot satellites, along with increased operational and available. In addition, save money for the Navy base. The construction process began, and completed before the arrival of the last submarine at -2018.

Translated from Hebrew