Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”

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50 days of fighting, air strikes, ground maneuver and destroying tunnels Hamas terror-these are the major events of the “Cliff”

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Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”

According to the IDF, implement the truce, after which caused significant damage to the infrastructure of the Hamas terror organization
Gaza. In accordance with the objectives and goals, beat thousands of terrorist targets throughout the Strip
Gaza from the air, land and sea. Meanwhile, the land forces in comprehensive treatment of the bomb; That finding, the mapping of 32. 13 were destroyed, and six of them were neutralized 13 have been disrupted.

Throughout the operation attacked terrorist targets over 5226
Approximately 1,800 launch and other factors in the shooting were steep. Hundreds of buildings that were used as military outposts were attacked, were approximately -1,914 vulnerability in command and control centers and hundreds of infrastructure that threatened IDF forces attacked. 237 government institutions that supported the military fighting also injured, along with weaponry and warehouses 191 manufacturing of weaponry.

During operation “Cliff” killed over 750 activists
Terrorism in the Gaza Strip. More than 150 terrorists were arrested by IDF forces dome system.
Iron -82,201 -709 times and intercepted as reserve soldiers were recruited during the operation.

Following persistent rocket fire zones to the South towns between June and July 2014, the IDF operation “Cliff” in order to restore peace and security to the South by the terrorist organization Hamas. “We manage to react strongly if the peace will not return to the area,” warned Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, Chief, number
Days before the operation. Throughout the operation saved the close cooperation between the IDF and other security forces, including.

Airstrikes thousands of aviation terrorist targets.

On July 8, came through with attacks widespread operation carried out by Israeli aircraft.
The strike sorties were against terrorists and other senior Hamas rocket system, as well as launch a cached credentials are used, the shafts attack operations, training camps and weapons storage sites. During the first days of operation the 550 were terrorist targets. “Hamas in great distress, and runs out of adversity. The shooting is not effective. He shoots missiles
Gaza Strip, intended to harm civilians, women and children – meet the iron dome system and being intercepted. Minutes later the plane took off from attacking the Launchpad, “said IDF spokesman, Brig. Gen. Motti these comments.

Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”

“Storm” aircraft from attack in the Gaza Strip. Photo: Guy confirm, air force

On 9 July foiled several infiltration divers marine commando unit of Hamas into Israel territory, thanks to the alertness in control.
Naval forces who attacked the terrorists. Meanwhile continued attacks against senior terrorist organization Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). “Our bomb met operational infrastructure”, said Commander Southern command, Aluf Sami turjeman. Already on the fourth day of operation more than 1,100 were terrorist targets.

Wide floor action and preventing terrorist infiltration attempts

For the operation and expansion of the ground action began to settle in the area of the Gaza Strip to the Golani Brigade commandos, paratroopers, Nahal and Givati Brigade. “We need to fight professionally in order to increase the impact,” said Makhoul נח”ל, Colonel URI Gordin.

On July 13, simplifying power of tyre compound from which a large number of long-range rockets. The target attacked by the forces and injured, although that was under fire. “We’re also special forces operatives in this campaign.  Othecl power, strove to rescue himself, and completed the mission, sharpened the IDF spokesperson.

On 17 July 1966 second unmanned aircraft that penetrated Israel territory, by surface-to-air missile Patriot type. On the same day, an attempted invasion of territory
Israel, after 13 terrorists were identified through observation. At the entrance to the tunnel uncovered weapons, anti-tank grenades, hundreds of rounds and. That day also began the ground operation
In the Gaza Strip of infantry units, engineering and armor, designed to damage the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas and the terrorists. On the same day another attack thwarted close to the perimeter fence.

Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”

On 20 July it was decided to establish a field hospital in the Erez crossing, which was designed to provide humanitarian medical care.
That day become tough battles in the town of סג’אעייה, which became the focus of various terrorist networks that operate out of homes and civic centers. During the battle, killing 13 fighters from the Golani Brigade. Many fighters were wounded, including the Commander of the Brigade, Colonel resan

Also, the IDF detonated in a controlled manner of route
Six rivers and numerous shafts, some with room key to Israel territory. “In some areas the fighting is complicated and difficult, and yet we are determined to meet our mission.”
The Chief of general staff, explained Benny Gantz. “The area we know today Brown – information days and wet days of rain and a rash. I have no doubt that we can get to that place, “he added.

On 21 July, an attempted invasion of 20 terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip near Sderot. “The combination of ground forces, the air force is maximizing the effectiveness of military action against a threat.
The results prove that happened to also turn the ground maneuver. Thankfully we were able to extract families, kindergartens and other institutions in the Gaza Strip from the threat, “Southern Command Chief, Maj. Gen. turgeman. Until 21st July beat as the terrorist -2,880

Significant damage to the infrastructure of the Hamas bombing

From the beginning of the ground operation was hit the Hamas infrastructure significantly, after it invested billion of dollars. “Hamas sees significant strategic asset tunnels and it keeps them at familias. Hamas is concerned that the loss of property.
IDF spokesman, Brigadier General testified Moti these comments.  On 23 July terrorist centers were active in the hospital compound “Al Wafa, the military stronghold of Hamas and has central command and control of troops. There are also a number of complex tunnels. 
“Hamas is trying to involve the civilians as human shields in fighting these comments,” Brigadier General.

Ground forces continue to score achievements in Gaza, dozens of attack terrorists and uncovering
Pirie. Meanwhile, the air force continued air strikes against the terrorist target. On July 26, a Golani Brigade closed operations after June 2005 and resulted in the destruction of the tunnel from which anti-tank shot to APC, killing seven.
Brigade fighters. The tunnel established strategically near the House.

Until that day revealed over 30 tunnels,
Destroyed about 30% of the rockets Hamas stash and injured more than 240 terrorists. “See
The most significant impact of the terrorist organization Hamas and the frustration that results. He can’t produce weapons during combat. Actually this shooting is shooting out of desperation.
Both the rocket and the tunnel suffered devastating damage value, “IDF” presented day after day just collapsing tunnels and go over the surface, “added head, Gen. Aviv kochavi charge.

Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”

“Jointness” unprecedented. Photo: IDF

On 28 July the Chief referred to the effective action during the operation, with an emphasis on the aspect of shilobies.
“It’s a complex combat but determined, improving step by step, after Pier, tunnel after
A tunnel and encountering their encounter. This is an unprecedented shilobies of air, sea, land, combat assistance system intelligence and logistical assistance system – an impressive and determined way “, said Lieutenant General Gantz. At the same time, the IDF force destroyed on the same day which included a tunnel shaft.
Israel territory, about two miles from the kibbutz beeri. Inside the tunnel found uniforms and military equipment.

The next day the IDF spotted a tactical map in pocket of senior operational formation. Map the specified points of Hamas out of populated areas while performing acts of terrorism, and also contains the access points to the bomb and launch information is cached credentials are used. IDF forces continued to kill hundreds of terrorists, hiding and war. “Destroy the infrastructure building as we know it, and arrested dozens of militants gave us intelligence. Is translated into action on the ground, “Southern Command Chief, Maj. Gen. turgeman. Up to 30 July beat about -4,215
Terrorist targets.

“The IDF is not going anywhere.”

He later continued IDF forces – air, sea and land – to detect and attack rocket and weapons caches, including those placed in mosques. He also attacked command centers and gathering places of Hamas operatives and command and control infrastructure.
Coordinator of government activities in the territories (Hanson), General Yoav (Paulie Mordechai), noted that “1600 people died because of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal and Ismail made the second. Killing of civilians rests on their shoulders. Dated this war – defense – war because they dug tunnels attack operations towards Israel, which invested funds for Israel rocket. “

On 3rd August identified middle school warriors to from terrorists operating near the
Rays, and injured them. During strenuous work to neutralize one of the terrorism may have found her weapons and three motorcycles ready for movement. Those referred to Israel, space to use during an attack Israeli settlements made in the Gaza Strip. 
“We get. We are located on both sides of the fence and we are engaged in operational activities. The IDF is not going anywhere, “said IDF spokesperson’s Office a few days ago. Where terrorist targets attacked up to -4,635 up to 3 August.

Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”

Motorcycles found right. Photo: IDF

Up to 5 August completed the destruction of the mission, after 32 tunnels were out of use due to IDF forces completed their tasks in the Gaza Strip began leaving the Gaza Strip. “Mission accomplished thanks to the soldiers and commanders who paid with their lives, their bodies and their lives,” said Maj. Gen. turgeman. That day came when IDF forces from the Gaza Strip in light of its truce.
That lasted 72 hours. “There’s a story here that Hamas wants to tell about the ability to launch even at the last minute, and he has the facts on the ground that are damaging Hamas and he found it. From intelligence information and from what we see in the field – we appreciate blow Hamas suffered very difficult, these comments General.

“During the operation Hamas erred several times by violating the truce. If you do it later – he makes a mistake. The test along it to be measured?
And for a long time. We are prepared for each of the scenarios, “said southern command Chief.

Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”

On 8 August, after Hamas resumed firing rockets into Israel, the IDF responded with air strikes of terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip. 
In the following days the focus in attacking terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip. August 21
Prevented two terrorist commanders in the military wing of the Hamas terror organization in the activities of
IDF forces in conjunction with the General Security Service. They got kingpin and Mohammad Raed Attar Abu malla, which the building in Rafah.
After 50 days of fighting, 26, went into effect. Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, the next night to ceasefire and said that “the cumulative achievements and continuing with Hamas and other terrorist groups – abilities, infrastructure, command centers, the environment
And the ability to neutralize offensive operations bring that eventually hit very strongly in their abilities, and ruled them laboriously built capabilities over the years.
According to him,
The many achievements of the IDF which led to the ceasefire. “This has led not only to damage Hamas for years, but also to stop fighting for uncompromised. strategies for the State of Israel,” said Lieutenant General Gantz. Supporting the military side, Hamas knows this, and unfortunately even Gazans, who have been taken hostage to terrorist organization that runs them and attracts like a magnet’s force, IDF.

He appealed to the residents of the Gaza Strip and said that
“You know that we are with you hour, accompanying you throughout the period, know and experience the difficulty of dealing with the challenge. We with you throughout the campaign, in moments of difficulty and pain; Continue to be with you and for you.
And act as required on each volume and shape to protect you in the future in the face of any threat whatever “.

Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”

Gaza Strip in the early days of operation

Photographer: Ilan, IDF spokesperson Simkin

  • Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”
  • Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”
  • Another objective goal: the main events of the “Cliff”

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