Appointments in rotation: Colonel Eliezer Toledano Angers a land in Fu

אל”ם טולדנו. צילום: מור גל, “במחנה”

Colonel Toledano is used today as the Commander of the paratroopers brigade || Nadav אל״ם lotan
Northern command officer named Colonel אג״ם, Tomer bloom named southern command officer אג”ם

תאריך: 04/11/2014, 10:40    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

מינויים ודרגות

A series of changes in the Israeli champions high-ranking accepted by the Forum staff.

Colonel Eliezer Toledano, who is currently Commander of the paratroopers brigade, will be appointed to oversee the land command College.

Colonel Base Commander appointed Sunday Sde Dov air force Colonel Hemi Barel named commandant of the air defense, Lt. Col. Gershon Wing Commander Zlotnik Limone and protection is to be raised to the rank of Colonel, Colonel m also will be appointed commander of flight school.

In addition, Colonel j. Limone to exhibit in Washington, Colonel d. Angers and Commander submarine flotilla 7 named commanding missile boats flotilla and uploaded to the rank of Colonel.
Chief Planning Division of the Planning Department appointed Colonel Eyal Harel, and to Sun named head of operations.

Colonel nadav Lawton, currently 7th Armored Brigade Commander, northern command officer named אג”ם.
Should Limone אג”ם southern command officer Colonel aishu1, currently used as a Division Commander.

In addition, Colonel Ilan Levi Matthew Limone (commanding artillery commander) of northern command, and Col. Yuval Ben-Dov, a captain on the school field, named tothanot died.

Colonel grade will be appointed to head the Department in GoC army headquarters, Colonel Yair emeralds will be appointed commander of regular swing in the HFC and m. named head of יע”פ (Palestinian Affairs counseling), Colonel Rami abodrham mtep named strange people, Al-Mahdi
Silverman goes to school at RCDS.

The appointments require the approval of Defense Minister.

Translated from Hebrew