Armor Revolution begins to shell: tank rehearsed in Northern news techniques

השתלמות המפקדים, החודש. צילום: בן רם דוד, דובר צה”ל

The study was done by the forces of Barak’s tanks for getting started with the live help. The drills are part of a revolution in armored fighting theory • “can surprise with tanks.”

תאריך: 19/02/2014, 17:39    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל


New techniques in the armored Corps: Barak decorated commanders learned drills
News, tailored to the various scenes which, in the course of the month on the Golan Heights as part of a comprehensive reform in the armored Corps.
Among the innovations: rehearsed with hiding and sneaking and shooting targets. The study was dedicated mostly to combat container complex, build areas or mountainous, while dealing with the guerrilla threat in the form of an anti-tank squads.

Illustrates training to officers, first division, how to look among it where they enjoy fighting information saturation, envelope that comes with them, among other things, of companies that
The news, the living part of armored brigades in new investigations. These battalions
Receive operational training stamp later this year, when the regimental training, and training designed to make final the tank forces toward joint warfare.

“The battlefield of the future is already here.

2013 was a significant turning point for the forces. Armored Corps rage several parallel changes of companies help the Legion, the regimental combat teams “Oz”, and a significant update of fighting, also receiving means possible. Northern command official noted recently that “the Navy is very well adapted to modern warfare. He will be the most significant firepower in the area is. Today, can surprise with tanks, “he said.

“Last year we made a significant adjustment to the battlefield we meet. Many call it “future battleground, but it’s not accurate because challenge is here. The enemy between his advantage already in closed areas, and he already has, he’s after the process, “said the IDF site 71 battalion, Lt.-Col. NIR Rosenberg. “This is the first of its kind, training of your changes and upload”.

Armor Revolution begins to shell: tank rehearsed in Northern news techniques

“This is no longer the front rushes, but the sides Merhav which sneak ambush from 360 degrees and”. Photo: RAM, דו”ץ

The rise of the Department,
As a freelancer, she thus manipulating one of the biggest changes in the concept of fighting last year. This change stems directly from having to maneuver in open space. “The next Act will not be built from large battles, but rather a collection of rugby.”
The officer described the agenda, major Leo Berger, a conversation with. “there’s more linear warfare, and there’s no way of front facing the front rushes-space position where the parties provide, and 360-degree” ambush from completing the training officer, Captain Elon.

“Therefore,” Battalion Commander — 71, “the only way to deal with the threat of scope is to increase the independence of m. among clients is leading a mission and a kltani effort stands on its own — it no longer sees the horizon from all the time,” he added. “In the course we increase the ability of the m
To train its soldiers for himself regardless of rank above, to increase the authority and his ability to lead. “

The tanks going out into the field and prepare for companies that

Was training around the question how the commanders need to exploit the field.
The close in the best possible way, and to turn it into an advantage. “Our main threat in Lebanon is anti-tank can harness the bushy area where tanks are exposed less enemy fire to reduce the danger, Colonel Rosenberg fish. “We taught the controls how they should move in a closed zone, how to find the hidden line rather than moving on the Hill,” he added.

The armored Corps is open to dealing with the nature of the targets in the mdoranit special warfare theories and innovative, most cannot. Furthermore, to deal with
The nature of the targets in the fighting, the commanders practiced with immediate intelligence that comes to them through the media (command and control) with the forces gathering in the area and popular intelligence units. Recently done IDF rule change dramatically, when emphasis is placed on transmitting real-time intelligence back to troops on the ground.

Armor Revolution begins to shell: tank rehearsed in Northern news techniques

Advanced. Produce dramatic changes in intelligence capabilities in combat environment rife with information.

During the training the future artist Division company too that, consisting of observation and patrol mortars, which gather intelligence intended for armored brigades. “This is the first time that leave the area with tanks after the establishment of companies to help,” said IDF site training officer of the Regiment, major. “Their use will allow closing faster circuits and independence in space”, concluded.

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