Armored forces and -669 practiced rescue and fighting various descriptors

יחידה 669 בתרגיל. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Smoke extraction training tank space while wounded and streamlining processes by keyboard shortcut and evacuation.

תאריך: 17/11/2013, 11:37    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

חטיבה 7

Joint training of medical forces of Division 7 and 669 unit (evacuation and rescue unit 669) held on Thursday last week the base Tel NOF airbase, as part of the training series ‘ blue-green cooperation between air force to army on the battlefield, the importance of coordination between the various forces.
669 rescue force “that you all describe-city, at home, or in a tunnel,” explained a shrionerim unit from the 7th armored brigade in the training. The Warriors practice three different operational situations appropriate to the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, which the required evacuation shrionerim mossek, using special simulators.
During practice the principles they have powers that can save the lives of wounded fighters, and the air staff people. “Now I know exactly what information is important to -669 to get me on the ground,” said regimental medical officer of 75, Deputy Battalion Akiva astrson, who participated in the training.
First practice bats forces stationed armored in Gaza’s rockets have suffered. “The helicopter team don’t know what’s happening on the ground,” ordered from the -669 factor. “The way we practice, so you help us practice,” he added. Also, practiced dealing with fighters wounded in the tank drove over a landmine in the Golan Heights, even in the event of a direct hit of anti-tank tank.
In fact meet the scenario for a few minutes, sometimes under fire, and transfer the wounded from the ground forces for the pickers.
“Process may fail because of small mistakes,” explained Lieutenant astrson. “If you do not specify
Given to a soldier, or forgetting to indicate a whole bunch discovered, this can lead to wasting valuable time and impaired treatment cost in lives of wounded, stressed.
The information is important to deliver the evacuation forces including the amount and detail of the wounded, the medical treatment given to date, information about possible dangers to harvest and operational situation which is over. During the training process time too practiced and, because it carries the advantage that could contribute to peace.  After the exercise collaboration
Crowned a success. “The communication was good,” said Lt. astrson. “One of the goals
There was also a 669 fighters look we trained and medical capabilities, and this goal has been achieved, “he concluded.

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