Army-company: about the -48,747 intake centers received during “Cliff”

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Approximately 73% of all requests received after the entrance to the Gaza Strip, while in the first eight days of operation the high lead approximately 113% compared to “pillar”. אכ”א head:” the references during operation indicate relevance. “

תאריך: 08/09/2014, 18:09    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן

About -48,747 references intake centers received the IDF during operation “Cliff”. That this can be explained by participation and the desire to contribute and volunteer of the civil State, along with families and friends of soldiers involved in the fighting, causing citizens to contact the IDF at these occasions, the address is in the references, which received over 8,500 calls operation. “Although the army engaged in fighting, also influencing public emergency” fighting, the IDF officer explained to the public site (קפ”צ), Lieutenant Colonel Lenny Milo. “Wisdom of the crowd has an effect, and it is important that it be heard during the fighting.

The topics were varied references from clear security of soldiers to the proposed streamlining and desire to contribute and volunteer. About 21% of leads touch during voluntary emergency service, 15% touched on human rights, about 13% were in reserve service and 13% more in updating the place of reporting. In addition, about 10 percent of the ל”בירור calls, he’s touched 4 percent for individual therapy and 2 percent of the calls dealt with streamlining and support.

In the first eight days of operation, the period of time corresponding to the length of the “pillar”,
Percentage of leads was higher by about 113% compared to the previous “page”. Also, until the stage
The maneuver at various locations (service centers reserve soldiers)
About -7,786 references. After entering the Gaza Strip, received about -21,043 calls, representing approximately 73% of all leads.

Most of the references are from citizens and כ44% leads while about 31%
Duty soldiers arrived and 23% of servants. In addition, about 2% of referrals came from servants of. “The changes facing type during the days. At the beginning of the operation, about 66% of referrals came from reservists, later recorded more civil “references explained
Lt. Col. Milo. You can explain this by beginning the operation raised many questions from reservists regarding immigrants and place their individual requests, and after the bottom of the need of citizens in connection with the IDF.

How public inquiries helps treat?

If a routine day of multiple references to the CAP is between 200 to 300, during the operation the average number was between 400 to 500 a day. Peak day in terms of the amount of referrals was July 20th, 13th Golani fighters were killed, when 900 requests received. “The number of casualties and the uncertainty surrounding the recognition of armoured warriors event led to many inquiries,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Milo.

As many references deal clearly is a soldier by concerned relatives, soldiers who took part in operational activities in the Gaza Strip had been instructed not to carry cell phones. However, IDF has refrained from providing such information, because the troops are operating in enemy territory. “The answer is simple, calming as possible in an attempt to understand and respond in the right way,” Col. Millo as specified.
“It’s not just what you say, but how you say it.” Accordingly, the intake centers clear guidelines on the appropriate sensitivity, elucidate that has
Avoid certain terms.

However, in exceptional cases where the family specific information related to their child, will be held in check. When it turns out that the real information, update the casualties that the family has some information. If no information is validated, the focus concerned family update.

Among those received were also offers numerous efficiency, many of them touched the treatment. “We’re moving the relevant factors and information in main Engineering Officer, Lt. Col. Milo discovered. Another topic that came out was facing calls to volunteer for service in the reserves, ability to contribute or donate food and products
The soldiers.

“There is no doubt that the public institution in case he required edit”

A general intake centers in regular and reserve army which operated during the operation conducted last week, to the task. The event featured the first new professional pins will be distributed to the coordinators. “The leads during operation indicate relevance. People turn to where they believe are professionally “, the head of personnel, Champ Ali love. “The army should be prepared for a scenario and I have no doubt he will need anyway-intake facility edit it”.

Intake officer body within range that is not self-explanatory though between the company, “added the champion love. “The State of Israel sent by her sons and daughters, and expect the other side will be wearing the uniform and significant values according to standards
Public. We are there to ensure that-to be attentive, to produce priorities
And know how to distinguish between main handle.

Translated from Hebrew