Army enlistment underway.

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IDF special project site: how look weeks of various troops, plus tips for recruits. The Caracal company headquarters at command of warriors and warriors

תאריך: 20/03/2014, 09:25    
מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

גיוסי מרץ 2014

Today (Thursday) will join the ranks of the IDF fighters scores – that iron Dome to the Caracal battalion easier live-the only one in which incorporates warriors and warriors. Recently proven battalion in IDF’s surprise Championship, when the boys won first place among the mtniye; And in second place in the IDF between warriors. “We are working on more and more of the upgrades and increasing operational qualification,” said the company’s rovith company, Captain or Ben-Yehuda.

Army enlistment underway.

The catch regularly cut spicy mountain near the Egyptian border, and performs routine activity. ” No battalion who successfully meet the task than us “,
Captain Ben Yehuda. “Finally, on paper – we deliver the most results in the sector, and the response to events. It is also related that we are her.
All the time, studying her and specialize in it, “she added.

Captain Ben Yehuda indicates that most operational events attended in years. 60% of female force Regiment consists of the remaining men. “The girls admire, and pursued infiltrators and smugglers for miles,” said m. “statements that girls in eligibility reduce both operational statements are ridiculous – no one is rushing to replace us in the sector,” stated decisively.

Army enlistment underway.

Recently added to the regiment dedicated physical therapist, provides solutions to injuries of warriors and fighters. “It is important to understand that this battalion as infantry regiments. Live challenge
He played hard and can cause injuries, “Capt. Ben Yehuda stressed.
The training battalion in Givati came at Ketziot when battalion fighters moving contents are similar to those of the Givati Brigade, and some of the exercises are done in cooperation with them. “We are working on a plan to correct training battalion, including building a service for soldiers coming home now,” says m. Additionally, there are also battalion and special sets for girls.

Captain Ben Yehuda said the Regiment is looking for men and women who want to give themselves a service
Significantly. “For me, it’s the most significant service in the IDF,” she noted. They added
That recruits to the regiment should want to challenge themselves, and know they’re ready physically service – no training, running and carrying weights. “The most important thing is to remember that everything in your head,” returned from wherever we want “– we get.”


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