At home in the desert: the finest officers conducted Symposium Bedouin population

The seminar revealed that the Bedouin population characteristics of complexity, during which officers visited u.s. and Bedouins. A look at the conflicts
And successes

תאריך: 01/01/2014, 18:33    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

The Bedouin population in Israel is not committed to recruiting, and the conflicts many Bedouin data in personal and social identity, against the State and therefore their choice to enlist is not self-evident. Currently living in the Negev desert about -212,000 thousand Bedouin. 140 thousand of them live in the eight permanent settlements and 80,000 Bedouin living in the diaspora. About 85% of the population are young people under 30, and 65%
Of the population are children and adolescents under the age of 18.

In order to know how to recruit the best witness, and in order to
Characteristics of this unique population, last week (Tuesday) staff officers (קמ”טים) of the best Symposium.

“Today’s mission is to recognize, and that knowledge to instill further,” said head u.s. contingent, Lieutenant Colonel Yossi best went to the officers in the beginning of the seminar. “There is a significant gap in knowledge with whoever to busy call-up. Our goal is to reduce this gap.
The officers see and learn about Bedouin culture and understand the population, “explained Lieutenant Colonel, went to the site.

Each year leave the headquarters officers to Symposium focusing on different populations, in order to allow them better acquaintance with Soloman (candidates for security service) to various recruiting offices. “We chose Bedouins for several reasons. There is a reduction in the recruitment of the population, mainly in the Negev region. They also hit the headlines recently in other contexts, “yeshiva in רמ”ד and today, Captain Nathaniel Moyal. “We are all dealing with. We’re here to see the reality as it is and not as numbers have certain contexts. It is important that you know to see the prospective of Bedouin man to get into the army, like every citizen in this country, said in a conversation before the officers.

Bedouin recruits — a minority within a minority.

The day began with the Joe Alon Center-the Bedouin culture Museum. In a Bedouin tent a lecture Professor quoted Abu Rabia,
Bedouin living in the Academy. “It is important that the recruiter staff population.
The conflicts and the successes in the battle for it, “noted Captain Moyal.

Later in the day its value best city tour officers Rahat and participated at the alhoseel-most of its descendants served in the IDF’s eldest son, Lieutenant Colonel unified family, alhoseel is
Has a special mention OC South and serves as a Deputy Commander of a Division guy. In his previous position, he served as Commander of the Geddes Bedouin.

Farid alhoseel, major in the army reserves, told about the importance of family raising his eyes and the eyes of his family and the difficulty of dealing with the soldiers from the surrounding area. “We’re a minority in this country, and we-in minority recruits. We’re fighting for every soldier. I want every kid to enlist and serve a reserve service. All that boy back with uniforms home does for service, “claimed Maj. (Ret.) alhoseel. Following the call, said head u.s. reinforcements ahead of the sq significant challenge is to take this limited population in the OPTs, and expand it.

About half of the Bedouin to be Scouts or fighters in the Bedouin Geddes

During the patrol officers to the positions are open to members of the ADA-a Bedouin patrol battalion to the Scouts, and given cohabiting whereby 50 percent of Bedouin amtgiisim choose these routes, while the rest are in different positions. In addition, a lecture from a control school Scouts, Lt. Zuheir Falah.

He spoke about the role and importance Tracker, track personal progress in the Israeli position, in relation to recruitment, and personal endeavor to promote Bedouin villages recruitment. “He’s fighting-Tracker is part of the force, and he leads the force. His mission is to track everything that happens along a trail, and claimed, “to present.

From d (directory), school, Scouts, רנ”ג Salah awasi told how when the army did not receive training, explaining the importance municipalities school knowledge and prepare generations groping. “In the past, Girl Scouts expertise came from home,
But now, as funds moved to permanent quarters and less engaged in sheep and in the field, the school is to preserve knowledge, said.

Now, the expectation is that when the officers to enlist-Bedouin best be ready a bit more. “When a Bedouin officer of-which realizes and recognizes him, and knew how to adjust both placing personnel to match the needs and requirements of the system.
We seek to encourage recruitment of the population with the understanding and recognition of their properties, “said Captain Thomas. “Each of the officers here encountered prospective phases.
Mobilization of the army is important for us to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks and will have treatment, “concluded.

Translated from Hebrew