At the arrowhead: air force refine the UAV capabilities

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

With early detection of technical failures and fiber optic wings, air force advanced in great strides towards a global transfer in the unattended tools: new world grows and we are growing pains with him. “

תאריך: 17/09/2014, 14:48    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

The array non-staffed (n) in the air force makes significant steps towards a global transfer in the fields of safety and reliability in the new exhibit today.
UVID Conference an unattended tools held in the airport. The Conference presented the progress made in the air force, which are designed to improve the tool life and thereby enhance the ability of the force. “The new world grows constantly and we have to build together.
With him, “said the Commander, Brig. Gen. Yoav palmachim airbase. “Increasing the length of stay, understanding not a camera but the ability to perform multiple tasks, and the need to increase the capacity for survival of the tools in the field – where that stuff is essential to staying at air force arrowhead in the new world,” said Brig. Gen. Yoav remarks.

New advances in safety and reliability

Air tools sector non-staffed is undergoing major development over the past 15 years. If in the past considered the field of Adal and the localized and insignificant to-increasing amount of world’s armies who use these tools. According to the increasing use of standard requirements indicate the security tools. Therefore, it is no surprise that today’s achtb is more complicated. It also increases the importance of performing a task in terms of safety and reliability, two fundamental challenges in the new world. “the air force is there to achieve high success in the field of information,
As fighter jets and helicopters, “head of an unmanned instruments in the air force, Colonel. “It requires closing faster circuits, and focused on reliability and safety.

To meet this mission, the Corps has set himself a target to raise the quality of the tools and also manned the lifetime of tools. In order to meet this goal, air force invests considerable resources in the process of launching “systems – passing comprehensive testing processes to identify malfunctions and solutions quickly wouldn’t hurt in operating systems. Example procedures like this can be seen in drive: the air force has developed software that calculates the system state when the tool is in the air
Based on information collected before takeoff. According to a sequence of calculations the system know to identify technical failures before they happen, and know the factories to inspect and fix the glitches before they affect eligibility.

Aircraft wings are also non-staffed pouring – the air force introduced fiber optic wings which are sending through the Internet the information material that makes up the wings. With the landing plane examined the service wings, and executes them. This step prevents future failures, resulted in significant savings in time and money.

Total air supremacy over the battlefield, the variable

The air force’s UAV is a newbies and the world: it exists in almost 40 years, and largely based on industry. In the last 15 years has increased the importance of the array, and it became critical for the security capabilities of Israel.

Nevertheless, the alignment won public exposure in the world only after operation “pillar”. Attention she received formation following the operation highlighted the importance and changed
The way he was captured — and consequently the amount of investment. “She was great exposure and renewed attitude which allowed us to start building processes and in developing adjustment and adaptation of the systems to emerging needs,” said in palmachim.

In the past, the aircraft were not staffed many challenges, but as the new value.
The character also changed. “The campaign to urban route, which happens every boundaries,
The full inside and steep citizens-all ranges as seen in recent weeks, we have created challenges with which we are faced every day, “explained Brig. Gen. Yoav. ”
We have a necessity to be in absolute superiority over the battlefield, and in the fields of safety and reliability are integral to this purpose “, concluded.

Translated from Hebrew