Attack from the sea, protecting the coast.

צילום: גדי ימפל, דובר צה”ל

Cruising the bees to tyre, “Cliff” Navy focus his efforts in the defense of Israel against terrorist infiltration by sea, categorized as “the sea”

תאריך: 20/07/2014, 16:48    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן
חיל הים

While the Mainland army combed the Gaza Strip searching for underground tunnels, the Navy conducted an extensive campaign against similar threats. This threat is called PHI senior naval officer “of the sea”, because just like a road tunnel, the tunnel allows maritime bomber to enter the Gaza Strip, and Israel space to emerge.
“We run a long campaign against the Hamas naval unit, which operates both the divers in the failed infiltration attempt. Need to hit them, the soldiers ‘ Commander deadline, said the senior officer.
This mission involved the security tool
The naval battle and kingfishers, rocket ships and tyre forces. “You didn’t hear about the raid conducted by the Navy if there were no wounded. There were two such operations in a cliff with them, remaining quiet operations “, said the officer. “The wounded warriors.
Injured, improvised explosive device thrown in a space for them, “he added.

Our next RAID we make against the learning vector. We assume they are learning as we are learning, “said. “We get our estimates based on observations and marine defense of Israel,” he added.

Attack from the sea, protecting the coast.

סטי”ל terrorist attacks in the Gaza Strip during operation” Cliff “. Photo: IDF spokesman Gadi yampel

Waters as another dimension attack

Navy’s contribution to operational activities is expressed in the benefit that brings another dimension activity space marine assault. So far Gaza targets got 76 times by the Israeli Navy. “The numbers are equivalent to what you’re doing”, said the officer. “The significance is that we bring another dimension. Terrorist operative can think he’s shed to see it from above, and to be attacked “.
He said the Corps is trying to preserve the element of surprise throughout the operation.
“We are working on producing a shock on the other, to produce, to run regular intrusions, and to their logic, elaborated. “I held all the possibilities, including that they have anti-ship. Ships operating in defensive missile policy and it manifested
Their every move, their functioning and their conduct “, concluded.

Translated from Hebrew