Autumn wind: painful in the death of an adult place band, Eric Einstein.

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On land, at sea and in the air, many of the soldiers grew up on his songs for Arik Einstein, who died today at the age of 74

תאריך: 27/11/2013, 20:38    
מחבר: כתבי אתר צה”ל

אריק איינשטיין
להקות צבאיות

The news of the death of the late well Arik Einstein never stopped in IDF bases, his work was known and loved by so many, even among wearing the uniforms of different generations. The Commander of air defence, Colonel ran star, spoke today about the sad day, feelings that it is precisely on the day of the draft to the aerial defense. “We love it at home as the kids are familiar with his songs and my wife met him when she was a girl and adore him,” noted.

As he was about to marry, to Arik Einstein letter to come and perform at his wedding. Because
And Einstein was ill and came to live, replied: “do whatever you want instead. Colonel ran star asked him to call them when they make their way to a wedding in their vehicles. Einstein didn’t disappoint. “He called to my wife when she follows the makeup and hairstyles and told her the word? It’s Eric. We had a friend named Eric, she replies: “Hi Eric, how’s it going? ‘ and asked if they know from somewhere,” Colonel recalled star added that “she asked him” what Eric “, and he replied,” that’s your favorite Arik Einstein-, you’re getting married tonight, wanted me to do.
You happy on your wedding day and agree to calling to say congratulations and good luck with the one who loves you and cares about you. She started crying with excitement, and this is our story about Eric. With the news of his death became known, said Colonel star that “it’s very sad, very sad after breakfast. Einstein symbolizes Israel Israel and innocent. “

In place of 2013, which Arik Einstein-flower almost 50 years ago, grieving over the death of the revered artist. CPL. Omar Gul, singer and guitarist, said that “this is a day of mourning for musicians, he was everyone’s hero. When we were singing back ‘ how good you came home had “tears in his throat. This hasn’t happened to me in life. ” CPL. Nimrod staric, also a drummer in a band, referred to. “With the entry of new soldiers we change the band repertoire and one of ollimm. We decided to put a string of his
Repertory, and today we get to his funeral, “said cpl. staric.

The band bassist Noah, cpl. Daniel Weider, stressed that “what-this beautiful he gave a chance.
He sponsored and helped him advance. Many people who have grown to be great singers are people who is promoted. Private two Sasson, a singer in the band, was shocked at the death of Einstein. “The singer expressing the greatest loss, which To sing his song back was very strange, full of mixed emotions. This is the first time I really thought about servers, and the words he wrote, “said cpl. wieder.

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