Between Cyber operations, the American head of ICT in business value

Gen. Mark Bowman visited the regiment while the escalation in Gaza, the IDF’s software products and said “about 20% of our activity in cyberspace is an attack.”


תאריך: 25/03/2014, 11:36    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב


Contact: head of ICT, Lieutenant General Mark Bowman, recently came to visit the country. During the visit he met General Bowman with identified
Top Israeli computer service Directorate, Aluf Uzi Moskowitz, an overview of cooperation between the United States Army, and even visited the Gaza Division battalion, where he witnessed the ICT capabilities of IDF, when during his visit beginning salvos of rockets from the Gaza Strip.

The visit sealed General Bowman in ICT Conference
The international magazine led Israel Defense, there was reviewing the products & IDF software from Cistus unit commanders, Brig. Gen. Danny Byrne, and lectured at the opening of the Conference.

Between Cyber operations, the American head of ICT in business value

During a lecture at the Conference presented the activity of teleprocessing. Although both armies vary in size, purpose and operation, IDF and also United States Army facing challenges are very similar in terms of tcshovi.

While the General staff confirmed the IDF allowed the program to allow free flow of information between the United States Army began an arms programme “Joint Information Environment” (information sharing environment, ר”ת JIE), a program in its objectives. “Us.
We need to work as a team – the Marines, air force, army, Coast Guard.
We had different ways and programs to work and it won’t help us, and we realized that in order to prepare for the future we need to operate, “explained identity tactics General Bowman.

For this purpose, Bowman, United States Army decided to appeal to the civil market search
Because existing products in the field of information protection. “We prefer to take a product that provides citizens and to improve it, rather than wait until 100% solution drop”, he explained.

In addition, General u.s. activity Bowman cyberspace and noted that “in light of the importance of technology, this activity became much more critical for us.” “About 20% of our activity in this sphere of attack and exploit enemy weaknesses, but we’re waiting for confirmation from the highest echelons before we act. This activity has an impact, and event space is much more powerful than meets the eye “. However, disapproved, most activity is in the field
The defense.

In addition, General u.s. Army qualifications Bowman in cyberspace. “The young people we task the Cyber machines were born into the digital world – they don’t know a world without a computer. Also in this area we need to work together – the Marines, air force, Navy and land forces – and in collaboration with the public sector, “noted.

Translated from Hebrew