Blue and white guides

סימולאטור טיסה בפעילות. צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Instructors Navy simulators and air force gathered at a special seminar, during which met their actions: “rooted differences in the details.”

תאריך: 16/02/2014, 14:43    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל ונעמי צורף, אתר חיל-האוויר

חיל הים

Simulators guides of Navy and air force met last week in hatzor airbase, a day of activity. This is so that they can learn about the actions of those, brainstorming and hack promotes fixation. “We wanted to allow counselors and instructors to explore, ask questions, and open to new things and head are known,” said Captain Muralidharan, Chief r & d flight training squadron coaches.
“Although we didn’t reach very conclusive answers, but it was important to us to bring things,” she added.

Blue and white guides

Simulators, guides in the seminar. Photo: air force

“The goal of the guides is the same two forces–the biggest professional artist. The differences between white and blue force imbedded in the details, “she explained to IDF cpl. Ronnie site Weinberg, Chief training Navy trainers. “Each of us is in a State of living and exposure to these small differences allow us to re-examine our practices and habits, and thus improved, clarified.

The goal in both the ordinary asimolators is precisely the reality bspinot,
In two parallel ways – the intelligence scenario and the matorgel operational and operating platform. In the Navy and system interfaces are updated rapidly and they are also constantly updated simulators because they have to keep up. “We can give the example of the bridge Simulator, designed for captains. The Simulator is very rapid development, and constantly updated. Therefore we need guides to learn and develop in order to maintain a high professional level, “said cpl. Weinberg to the site.

Specific guidance on each of the troops

The professional skill and intelligence to other troops.
“Ultimately, we design scenarios. We are committed to being professional enough to coach warriors already try it really, “emphasized.

Along with the similarities, there are also points of difference. “The air force briefing before simulation
Is very accurate. The manual says the pilot exactly what’s going to happen, “cpl. Weinberg clarified. “At sea, however, uncertainty is a factor. This manifests itself significantly in simulators, too. We can practice General Intelligence picture, but did not go into details, to examine the improvisation of warriors, “she added. In addition, the training also is different. “All air force training needs to implement a specific purpose. However, the Navy has continuity between coaching practice, summarized.

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