Bomb attack was thwarted in other elite: “inevitable disaster” font goes.

צילום: חטיבת דובר המשטרה

The attack was thwarted by fighters and artillery battalion “ra’am” • “increase in motivation and the number of attempted terrorist attack since the boys ‘ kidnapping.

תאריך: 27/07/2014, 20:14    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

Bombing thwarted suicide bombing today in the area more, when explosives were found in a car stopped at the checkpoint. In the incident, the fighters observed the car acting suspiciously and ordered him to turn off the car engine. After that delay, put one of the Warriors in himself, and in response the driver began driving a shmachtit. body of another
Inside the vehicle.

“Perfectly clear that inevitable disaster an extraordinary magnitude,” clarifies “battalion commander Lt. Col. David Thunder, Gaetano, with IDF site.” the attack is part of an overall warming in sector, resulting in an increase in motivation and several attempts to carry out an attack. We
Actually are a sequence of events since the boys ‘ abduction, said.

One of the soldiers who took part in the event is a trained gunner Sergeant Eran, who ran
The event point of view as the Commander of the checkpoint. “The Mission of the jungle was an examination of who goes to Judea and Samaria,” said Sergeant Eran, strict control and be in control all done under his command. Thanks to this failed to respond fast enough. As soon as he saw his friend inserted into the car started. “I knew I had to act immediately, every second counts, and what I’ve done here was entirely instinctively,” he admitted.

“I cried for two warriors to come running, and everybody else ordered to close the routes
At the checkpoint, “Restore icon. The vehicle swerved and stopped over, and then the Warrior managed to point his gun at the suspect, the suspect was unarmed.  “We feared it’s kidnapping and any one of us gave it everything he had. We arrived when only ejected
From the car, and in a violent brawl with us. Within a minute he was handcuffed, “he said.

Only after the incident when police shachblani arrived and defused the explosive charge, his Sergeant Eran because they were in danger. “After everything was over, I realized that we were really in danger, and we also realized the significance of the incident, testified. We proudly stock. “

Sergeant Abdul, and the rest of the battalion’s soldiers are in two months. Even though gunners, they constitute ongoing security force of professional and reliable at checkpoints. “A subject in more artillery, fighters checkpoint to checkpoint and security analyzers transitions from military police corps, which perform the inspection. When needed-join are too “, elaborated.

Translated from Hebrew