Brig. Gen. Oren Commander abman designed “new age”

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Abman the role replaces Brig. Gen. Brig. Gen. Amir abulafia, who served in Office.
It’s in the past. Brig. Gen. abulafia: “currently, sharpened our responsibility be prepared for a scenario and every scene.”

תאריך: 13/08/2014, 21:55    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

פיקוד המרכז

Brig. Gen. Oren abman appointed today (Wednesday) to “new age” decorated Commander, Brig. Gen. Amir abulafia place who served in that role for the past two years. The ceremony was held at the headquarters base in darters, OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon.

He was referring to operation champion cliff “and said that” we are currently in the military campaign operation cliff with them and the political campaign. The sequel
Is unclear, but one thing’s vigilance and preparedness of the IDF to fight any enemy hurt Israel citizens and threaten their own safety “.

A “new age” decorated Commander, Brig. Gen. aboulafia noted that the Division’s contribution is evident also in operation cliff “. “In these days of security instability, we all share a sense of cohesion and the desire to participate and make a difference,” he said. “Days
Tapering our responsibility, as a reserve Division, to be prepared for every scenario and action. The militia units were active during both operation command ‘ pillar ‘ and ‘ operation ‘ cliff with them before. The post said ahiorthno me a vast array of irreplaceable reserves. “

The Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Oren abman served in his previous position as head of the GoC army headquarters, and previously commanded the Kfir Brigade. “It is a challenge and privilege for all of us to redesign the Division,” said Brig. Gen. abman to his subordinates. “The candle insight from years of command and no weaponry or weapons transport critical war, but spirit, professionalism, and personal example. Shared right in format ‘ genetic code ‘ Division.
Build, hang and be ready for the day. Do it modestly, sweat, toil and tears “.

The commanders ‘ lives sources

Brig. Gen. Amir abulafia’s life:

Brig. Gen. Amir abulafia was born in 1968 and joined the Nahal Brigade in 1986.

1988 – Cadet in OCs

1988-1990 he commanded a Division in the Division.

1990-1992-commanded Regiment company “basalt” in place.

1992-1993 – commanded Infantry Brigade in cadet school, 1.

1993-1995 – commanded the Division’s reconnaissance company.

1995-1997 – served as attaché in Washington.

1997-2000 – academics.

2000-2002 – commanded a battalion “desert rats.

2002-2004 – established the Division’s reconnaissance Regiment.

2004-2006 – served as Commander of air forces.

2006-2008 – served as a Brigade Commander.

2008-2010 – served as head of special operations Directorate.

2010-2012 – commanded the Brigade.

2012-2014 – served as designed “new age”.

Brig. Gen. Amir abulafia is a graduate of the command and staff college and is a graduate of national security (2).
Brig. Gen. Amir abulafia three.

Life of Brig. Gen. Oren abman:

Commodore abman pine was born in 1968, and joined the Golani Brigade in 1987.

1989-1990-course Cadet officers.

1990-1993, he served as Commander of a brigade staff Corps of the Golani Brigade and then as a company commander in the battalion “Gideon” in the Golani Brigade.

1993-1995-commanded Corps company in the Golani Brigade.

1995-1996 before the infantry warfare training in the army.

1996-1997, he served as Deputy Commander of a unit of guaranty in the Golani Brigade.

1997-served as project manager for ongoing security in infantry officer and main parachute.


1999-2000: served as troop commander the Beaufort “Israeli security zone in Lebanon.

2000-2001: served as Chief and officer combat infantry and paratroopers.
2001-2002-commanded a battalion of the Golani Brigade lightning.

2002-2003, he served as Deputy Commander of the Golani Brigade.

2003-2006 commanded the Brigade.

2006-2008-served as head and arm in the fighting.

2008-2009-served as captain of the reserve Brigade “Alexandria”.

2009-2011-commanded the Kfir Brigade.

2011-2014-served as the head of GoC army headquarters.

2014-Commander designed “new age”.

Brig. Gen. Oren abman is a graduate of the command and staff college, national security (b) and the advanced infantry course at the United States Army.
Brig. Gen. Oren abman father of four.

Translated from Hebrew