Brigadier General Adam and Gaza Division Commander

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Brig. Gen. Adam replaced his and his general Mickey Edelstein. OC
South: “preparations and training paid themselves in recent fighting. Gaza Division recorded an episode in the IDF’s battle heritage “

תאריך: 31/08/2014, 21:54    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Adam was appointed Brigadier General and today (Sunday) Gaza Division Commander, and replaced in the General Mickey Edelstein, who was on duty in the past two years.
The exchanges took place at the base of the Division headquarters, southern command Chief, Maj. Gen. Solomon (Sammy) 9. Cent in speech champion during the ceremony for his contributions of Brig. Gen. Yoel Edelstein to Gaza Division’s activities during operation “Cliff”.  “The preparations, training
The nights and long days, paid themselves in recent fighting, “he said. “Bound in your command, wrote a chapter in the legacy numbers. your contribution to and achievements
The excellent operational understanding is broader than cut the Division’s responsibility “, said adding that” operational capabilities development, knowledge and perceptions led them – the fighting affected other divisions operating in the sector command.
Brig. Gen. aldstein is expected to go to the Chief “and” Chinese-designed facility. “Division operational period knew times varying weapons against Gaza Strip and across the western border,” said Brig. Gen. Yoel Edelstein. “Did the diagnostic challenges in and will be in an emergency, to sharpen the response to possible scenarios and the qualification and vigilance required in field command post, and another settlement, expanded. “I tried that apart from the responsibility for the task it would be clear to everyone that this is not the one but harnessing them all to dialogue and joint action.
From Gaza, or General, and Adam row
Of operational functions at Headquarters and in the field – including Kfir report “the spearhead” infantry officer and main parachute. “In the last two months between you and Mandy saw army
Israel Defense sirtho, and southern Gaza Division of its units and these organic
We gathered to battle, loaded with values and a sense of mission, and responsible, knows every detail and see the whole picture, “said Brig. Gen. and Adam in his speech at the exchanges. “At nights and long days, I had a great honor and pride to be
Part of this army was an example and a symbol and martial’s masterpiece in a complex and multifaceted campaign. “

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