“Bud” battalion won the sports day of combat intelligence collection Corps

צילום: דו”צ

The regiment won in 11 competitive categories the remaining battalions. Lieutenant Colonel Eran, shmueli: “for all fitness is a lifestyle”

תאריך: 05/06/2013, 15:05    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Send sports day of combat intelligence collection Corps conducted last week, defeated a battalion “Bud” of central command the rest of the brigades and Corps school to collect.

The day was also attended by Corps battalions, along with collecting. Each battalion represented by 200 soldiers who participated in 11 competitive categories, including basketball, boys and girls, volleyball, swimming, racing, racing, tug of war,
Dodgeball and regimental spirit.

As mentioned above, out of all the categories picked “Bud” battalion of the Regiment, seven victories and first place. “The victory is an indication of the strength and nature of the regiment”, the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Eran shmueli, took “seriously today.
Balance and trained properly, we prepared and we are professional ion select training and finally the soldiers and airmen the best reached “.

The victory, according to the Mag, led to an enormous sense of pride among the Warriors of the Regiment who participated on the day itself. “Finished with success the competition, which contributed to the consolidation of the regiment. One day rivaling served shoulder and neck of the Warrior or the headquarters platoon .., in the same team without gaps or steps “, said Lieutenant Colonel shmueli.

Lieutenant Colonel shmueli said that “we put emphasis on the subject are gym is lifestyle. The regiment’s soldiers and soldiering know that if they want to move forward and reach command courses are required to be in top shape, from the junior command courses. The Mag says in addition that there are weekly fitness training to the officers of the battalion and company commanders meeting opens in workout: “importance to the fact that topic
He contributes greatly to the operational preparedness of the Regiment, plus a high fit soldier feel and function better and his head will be clearer. Battalion commanders also are treated seriously the issue record of personal example and insist on it, every contact with the army and Navy. “

Translated from Hebrew