Candle with Kfir fighters: “the Hanukkah story in practice”

לוחמי כפיר בהדלקת נרות. צילום: תום שביט

The seventh candle with live Division indicating seven years: “we continue to add more and more bricks in building the regiment.”

תאריך: 12/03/2013, 19:00    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל


For the Kfir Brigade leading the fight on terrorism in Judea and Samaria in constant readiness for further escalation in sectors
The Hanukkah holiday special meaning. “The Hanukkah holiday has a profound meaning for our role and he connects on a mission,” says Majid Abdulhadi, Lieutenant Colonel Shai Shemesh. “Like a holiday story too few face many enemy countries struggling on the essence and our right to exist as a Jewish State,” he says and also the miracle turned to fat. “Recently the army reduced budget, and we need to do more than less. It happens every day, but it happens because we’re working harder, smarter: pioneers of Biblical archaeology, and the miracle of the oil poured into practice. “

Nahshon battalion is currently in operational employment in Ephraim, in order to maintain the security in the region. In between your sightseeing gdud saves specifies the holiday lighting candles, and of course the donuts and Christmas songs do not remain out of the picture. Every evening there is a candle with the Jewish settlement in Samaria, where is the battalion in operational employment. “We consider the issue of population connection here,” says Lieutenant Colonel Sun. “Yesterday we in viewers and last week we lit candles in Karnei Shomron. Question
People we met during our work here, and the joint allows the
Soldiers to meet them and know who they, and it reinforces the feeling not just are
Stayed here for. We may spend the holiday with operational, but there’s no better way to spend your Hanukkah than in protecting the State. “

Day light the Hanukkah candles, a full seven years of Division. During these years
Kfir Brigade operationally developed and became the largest live.
“Kfir is the youngest Division, and every year we add more bricks in the building.
The Division, from John Samson. “Every Commander, adds a personal, set new standards
And taking the Division. Percentage of recruitment and motivation of the Warriors are on the rise.
Judea borders, figures the North and the South. These days what happens across the border and we strengthen the combat fitness and planned for war. “

Translated from Hebrew