Captain Eilat back death-for military service.

סרן נדלר (משמאל). צילום: אוסף פרטי

Hanukkah miracle: while serving as an instructor at the base of the guard riding farm
Cycling, Captain Eilat handler accident and almost lost her life. Now
Already back to soldiers — equestrian team

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

Captain Eilat Nadler, currently Deputy Chief of the cost basis overseas, don’t remember nothing 29th birthday, or a weeks followed him. She doesn’t remember how injured and was rushed to the hospital, how she fought for her life, sedated and onshmat, and left him to rehab – the doctors expected to last at least six months.

Eilat remember that morning of the 10.7.2012 she went from guest, there was a studied (docent), riding her bike around the base. At this point, lost her seat recalled after them the life changed radically. “In the middle of the runway accident, I don’t know at what point exactly. Claim that it was hit by a car. It looks like he hit me on the side, and subsequently flew on the road. All my injuries were to the right of the body hit the ground, “she says.

At this point the first miraculous story. “Those who found the man that I got here today. Sagi, who actually live in the case drove toward a shift at work, “she shares. “He found me on the road, a helicopter and took care of me until he came. He wanted
To accompany me himself to intensive care. Sagi lived is the person whom I central here, “she stressed, adding that” If there were no finding me, if it was another person-time wouldn’t be here today. “

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Thereafter began a battle against all odds. “I was two weeks in intensive care, sedated and onshmat. At one point tried to disconnect me devices but I couldn’t breathe, “she recovers, memories of those around her. Eilat came to the hospital when two shbrasha bars, body, three fractured ribs and a broken chmata. When a person suffers a head injury-doctors find it difficult to assess how the reconstruction will, if at all. “I can’t get up. Other people get up to numbers that I don’t remember. After this injury doesn’t control what he says or the way he acts like a child, not an adult’s behavior, “she testified.

The first week of rehab she remembers individual images, and later stages
Memory seat anymore. “I had certain objections to treatment and other desires because I didn’t understand why I didn’t remember being in an accident. Gradually I began to realize that there are no bicycles, and no, my home is the hospital, “she stresses. “I was very frustrated that the two things I love most and fill me-and the army, were missing.

“I wanted to go back to things that make me happy.”

“On 19 September, returned to the job,” she says proudly, after one month
And a half of rehabilitation. “The support I got around – family, friends and army bike team was very strong. I wanted to go back to things that make me happy, and I wanted to show them that I’m going to do it, “she says. Every day, from the moment they began visiting hours, Eilat. Among the visitors were the youth education officer and former Chief, Brig. Gen. (Ret) Ali shermister and experience base.  “The visit of קח”ר carved deep in my memory. From the ranks came to visit, “she says.

Her love of the sport began many years ago and having an affair with the bike began in 2005, since Assembly almost every day. The longing for her during the renovation. 
“I couldn’t go back to rehab, but I’m back. exercise, beyond therapy. I gave myself a goal to get back in the car and race, and that while the restoration “,
She recovers. “Physical training officer who was at the time the keeper took a week out, race 5 km of the IDF was my goal.”

Captain Eilat back death-for military service.

Captain Adams-back on the bike

Today is back to Captain Eilat handler fully operational both in the military and sports. One thing is consistent — it no longer riding alone;
Accompanied by her riding group, meeting three times a week. “One moment affects you and the people around you. Somewhere the accident changed my perception-I appreciate the life and people around, and more important for me to tell them
It, “she stresses. “I also know to tell people what the sport could be for me and for them. This type of treatment. The challenge that the sport does this body not only physical-challenge that gives strength and improves mental, too. “

As Deputy Chief of the international immigrants, told one of the companies on the accident last year to highlight them. “I wanted to teach them that eventually things do not safely can hurt not only us, but also the people around us,” says. His thirtieth birthday, just a year after the injury — already celebrated outside the hospital.

Translated from Hebrew