Captured a Hamas activist from Ramallah who planned kidnapping attacks

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

For advertising: last month arrested in conjunction with the young Ramallah recruited in Jordan and was sent for military training in Sudan. Behind the event standing man
Hamas runs a locomotive

תאריך: 06/03/2013, 15:48    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The General Security Service (GSS) published today that during the month of May is arrested young Ramallah to carry out shooting attacks and abductions against Israelis. The detainee is Baker ‘ Atallah Samih, 26.

During interrogation in inhabit that Baker met with Jordan relief during April 2013 with Active
Hamas imprisoned in Israel for 10 consecutive terms due to involvement in terrorist infrastructure that was responsible for the deaths of about 10, and released from prison as part of a deal to release Gilad Shalit. Active
Hamas expelled abroad and currently lives in Qatar.

During the meeting, recruited Baker to remedy, and directed to advance with his return to the field, shooting and kidnapping attacks against settlers and soldiers. In addition, the onhab relief to other fundraising activity, even beating out to Sudan to for military training. Baker stopped before enough aid to go to Africa. Another occurred during questioning that towards the realization of the attacks was to get Messenger 4 adopting firearms on behalf of Hamas operative who works the locomotive.

Emphasize that ISA interrogation of Baker remedies, once again, a return to it again.
Hamas activists, demobilized from “Gilad Shalit” with an emphasis on the deportees who are making attempts to start attacks on the ground, inter alia, in order to bring about the release of other prisoners.

Translated from Hebrew