Captured terrorist infrastructure members placed the bomb explosion on a bus in Bat Yam

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

, With the assistance of Israel and the IDF, police arrested a terrorist cell of Islamic Jihad. Squad members infiltrated Israel territory in order to carry out an attack. The explosive charge placed contained 2 kg of explosive and activated remotely.

תאריך: 02/01/2014, 22:20    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The General Security Service (GSS) has allowed this evening (Thursday) to be published in recent days uncovered the perpetrators of the bombing attack in a bus in Bat Yam, which occur before
A week or so. On 22.12.13 is claimed on line Dan Yam, thank’s airanotam passengers.
Exploded just after he left the bus. Israel Police explosives expert was wounded in the incident.

As a result of intelligence activity adopted and assistance from Israel and the IDF, police detained activists
Islamic Jihad Bethlehem residents, on suspicion of belonging to planned infrastructure
And carried out the attack. The detainees are Shahadeh Muhammad Shahadeh tamari, imprisoned in an Israeli jail, and Hamdi Muhammad Shehada’s brother, tamari, was Cadet officers course in Jericho for a service. Also arrested Sami Omar Sami, sneak up before Israel territory as staying illegally and Joseph Nasser Yussef Salameh.
Ten other suspects were arrested with them also involving paliu the infrastructure.

Interrogation of the detainees has revealed that in recent months decided to carry out a mass killing in Israel. Reassemble the baggage as well as by the brothers Hamdi and Shehadeh tamari and Joseph Salameh, and used 2 pounds of explosives, nails, screws and newly operating system to mobile device to run remotely.

The honorary rectors scholarship provided by Sammy up, disguised in a black handbag, with whom he traveled the South Mount Hebron area bombing. Entering Israel territory from there through a gap in the separation fence, along with staying illegally. After the arrest of a civilian car.
An Israeli Bedouin descent, who was driving in and driving him to the Jaffa area.
Later Sammy 240 line up of “Dan”, placed in the center of the bus, got out a few minutes later and called Mobile trunk was attached to in order to activate it.

Sami put stops in Bethlehem at 26.12.13, and during the interrogation he admitted was intentional and the other members of the squad as Johnny I attack another large Tel Aviv within a few days. The preventive detention cell. During the interrogation of Hamdi surrendered by the explosives weighing about 20 kg hidden near his home.

ISA said that the investigation is still in progress and more arrests are expected.

Translated from Hebrew