Centric: a glimpse of the brigades activity computing South front

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With the beginning of the operation the unit ICT brigades broke ‘ breastplate ‘ space to provide combat forces to close; “We have information superhighway of IDF

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מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב

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אגף התקשוב

Against the backdrop of the underground effort during operation “Cliff”, designed to damage the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas, the Qassam Brigades to ensure joint activities
Operation of radio systems, and command and control. This is important for fighting systems, allowing a connection between combat forces and war rooms.
From these he has agreed a communication deposited on encrypting and for IDF forces.
Today the Regiment is deployed in several locations around the Gaza Strip. We provide media coverage
The troops, “says Captain (Ret.), an operating company and Regiment. “Like a cell cell gives a signal to mobile phones, we worry that the absorption powers,” he said.
In this framework are activated contact cells – vehicles equipped with systems
Communication and antenna help established media activity. Describes the fighting in built-up areas full density, and the mtmrant platoon in the area could communicate with officers meet in the alleys of Gaza – technical preparation is required.
“This special operation as far as we’re concerned, we’re accustomed to being in space”, describing wave logo, Commander of the battalion staff, ICT. “Any division or Division’s exercise requires our presence and we are taking part in special operations. The soldiers that are deep in the field have a cover-up, and we regard them from their headquarters, “he explained.
After running parallel to deploy around Gaza shtacht responsibility, are fixed infrastructure for the troops: the Intelligence Division’s systems and air force all over the country, to monitoring and control systems of land forces. The Regiment is, basically, a communications provider
The IDF we information superhighway, “IDF Chief of staff in the company’s technical battalion, Sgt.-major aviran. “The whole world, and the IDF, are built today on applications
– Fly out Gaza emerged to collect intelligence, for example. Without our
The plane can’t move the information to the headquarters of the general situation. If the Division or Division no entry to our communication, an area not obvious “, elaborated. Meanwhile, since the beginning of operation “Cliff” the input all the divisions that came to the fighting around Gaza.

Translated from Hebrew