Changes in course selection: new pilot municipalities the primary sorting

רלכ”א בטקס ההשקה. צילום: הגר עמיבר, חיל האוויר

The mtmiinim will be at the center of all sorts to air crew roles, making the screening process becomes more efficient and focused • manpower head: “adjust
The screening process for an hour to maintain effectiveness “

תאריך: 08/09/2014, 10:29    
מחבר: נעמי צורף, אתר חיל האוויר

חיל האוויר
קורס טיס

As part of the screening process to change the flight course, opened today the new Center which will mtmiinim the initial screening in the birpe troops (air medicine unit). Thus, were all sorts to air crew positions under the auspices of the air force and are scattered more recruitment offices. “The move enables us to be responsible solely for the screening process from beginning to end,” head of a man (רלכ”א), Brigadier General David Markey, in an interview with the Israeli air force.
“Understanding the data mtmiinim in advance will allow us proper and effective guidance of mtmiinim. In addition, the process becomes more efficient and focused for us we better get to know who enters the course “.

During the past decade, strengthened the understanding that force the emergency mission to be.
“The screening process for air crews has not changed since the 1960s and so far was absorbing the initial task in different offices,” explained חות”ם Department (planning and resources), Colonel Murphy Ohayon. “Today the vision became a reality. The change brings innovative screening tool that will improve control and utilization of mtmiinim capabilities.

In the coming years will likely force revolution following the purchase of new aircraft and sophisticated, that facilitate the task. “In fact, the new tools require us to the highest quality of air crews. Human ability is the most important task we develop is critical to the future of the force, “said רלכ”א. “these days, we feel the chaos in the Middle East and remember ‘ 9/11 ‘ we understand the great challenges facing us and remember that the strength of the force is made up of people and technology, and the only way to win is by the connection between them.

The sort transformation process for pilot course started in absorbing the air crew who diagnoses a behavioral diagnoses and unique completion.  “We’re making a difference
Significantly, concluded רלכ”א. adjust the screening process for an hour to maintain effectiveness.

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