Charge: smuggling head proves-Iran continues to arm terrorist groups

האלוף כוכבי, היום

Gen. Aviv kochavi said that the intelligence wing has a series of incriminating evidence and evidence that Iran continues to try to undermine the stability in the Middle East. “

תאריך: 06/03/2014, 15:51    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

ראש אמ”ן


Charge: smuggling head proves-Iran continues to arm terrorist groups

Head of intelligence, Gen. Aviv kochavi, today (Thursday) the ship seizure event “C” KLOS by Navy fighters near Port Sudan. Aboard the vessel were found many weapons, including the M-type missiles, designated to serve 302 terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip against Israel.

“The Intelligence Division units formed the intelligence puzzle for many months, with regard to shipping and to smuggle in weapons,” revealed the champion, we are equipped today in a series of incriminating evidence and support the connection of Iran to quit. “

ה”קלוס-c” concept:

Iran is used as a major player in smuggling weapons into the sea for years.
Rare documentation: this took place behind the scenes of the operation to prevent ה”קלוס mic

Charge head said that “we can’t say who was behind and ran it and took it all the way, those” forces of the revolutionary guards ‘ Quds ו’כוח ‘ “. He said the incident was “another example of Iran’s continued operation, which aims at undermining stability in the Middle East and support for all terrorist organizations, Hezbollah in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, North Africa, and in the Gaza Strip
Question were intended for rockets.

General further noted that stars reveal Iran’s face proves that a country repeatedly violates the Security Council of the AU-1747-prohibits any form or engage Iran through trade and the transfer of weaponry to terrorist organizations “.

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