Chief: “-concept for its continuous intelligence activity.”

הרמטכ”ל גנץ בחדר השליטה הימי. בתמונה הקטנה, רקטות שנתפסו על ה’קלוז-סי’. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The Chief role of Iran in arming terrorist groups in the region,
Stressing that “it provides weapons to its players in the North and South. Another praised
The Navy and daring professional activity

תאריך: 03/05/2014, 17:30    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

חיל הים

Chief: “-concept for its continuous intelligence activity.”

Chief of general staff, Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, today (Wednesday) Board concept event KLOS C “by Navy fighters near Port Sudan.
Aboard the vessel were found many weapons, including the M-type missiles, designated to serve 302 terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip against Israel. “Alongside other events and activities at all.
The-scenes in North, South and West–we are in those hours after completing the first part of operation between-community and arm, he made his show and his performance in “, said Lieutenant General Gantz in a press conference held in the Rabin camp (Carrière).
Referring to switch weapons, “Noting that Iran provides weaponry to its players in its northern and Southern actors.”

Chief: “-concept for its continuous intelligence activity.”

He said the operation was managed professionally is already beginning.
“The operation was taken professionally by our Navy fighters on its elements.
Tyre forces were at the forefront, and utilized by the Ste (rocket ship). Capabilities
And command the IDF fighters helped the operation, of arms, under the command of Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg, “explained Chief later referred to in the buildup processes transferring weapons and noted that” the war and the buildup of weaponry transfer processes in the North and South is an ongoing campaign. It needs extensive intelligence activities and incessant, along with active activities periodically, we are required to run in their respective strengths.

The Chief further noted that the IDF manages frequently the so-called “Act of” systems “— so we reduce the heavy threats motivated mainly by Iran and the Quds forces,” as well as other places in all areas of operations. “

Later, Lieutenant General addressed Gantz shipping tracking weapons, out of Iran. “We watched for a long time, intelligence work. Today, at this stage, is that fruits are harvested at the military intelligence Directorate, msfen Navy intelligence, thanks to the cooperation that they produce between them “, said the Chief of this operation
One of the many. We’ve uncovered weaponry and simultaneously the true reality, as it
Occurs by Iran, “he added.

It also noted that the Chief of armament on board is significant volume
And be exposed to chshiagno in Israel. “The armament has very serious effect into Israel territory, and I’m glad I was able to stop him,” he clarified. At the same time, he praised
Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg, “that in perfectly equal, and bold as required. The task was carried out with no casualties, and now we continue the operation and monitoring of the array of oachotho until they get to the airport.

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Iran is used as a major player in smuggling weapons into the sea for years.

Meanwhile, praised some of the other bodies in the success of the operation; Including the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other communities. “Above all and before all-Ext. esteem those who perform the action on the ground – and the IDF naval fighters, conducted in a very long time for thorough preparation mask, which allow to perform this task. I have a feeling of pride, as well as other IDF commanders of ability to protect the IDF “, concluded.

Translated from Hebrew