Chief: continue efforts to find the missing is our duty

The annual memorial ceremony for the submarine ins Dakar, said Lieutenant General Benny Gantz to the bereaved families, “don’t say Wilma until we find you.”

תאריך: 01/01/2014, 09:59    
מחבר: דניאל חסון, אתר צה”ל

“Promise to restore nadrino and say desperate searches them standing before our eyes in the present as in the past,” so said today (Wednesday), Chief of staff
Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, the annual ceremony for the submarine ins Dakar, which died in the depths of the sea in 1968.

“As we speak working at identifying the boys finding a place where persons from the country, who came to defend the country and tracks. Continue efforts
To find the missing, this is our duty, “added Lieutenant General Gantz.

The submarine ins Dakar was acquired by a British Israel in 1965. Israeli team trained on the British Navy ship and went to Israel in early January of 68. The ship sank 25 per month
And after it disappeared. The searches followed for many years, were accompanied by uncertainty. Finally found the sunken boat near the island of Crete, fifteen years ago.

“All those years stood by your side and said let’s say Wilma until we find you,” added Chief ain’t “cease believing we find them. Tom and searches
The resting place of warriors gave answers, all except the sgertam the heart and circle and we in the IDF.

-25 January 1968 was supposed to receive a דק”ר brother to the Navy headquarters.
The telegram was not accepted and stopped so told Navy commander, Gen. RAM Rothberg attendees
At the memory. “There was a special pride, solidarity and team spirit, evil warriors serving today in the submarine fleet,” said Gen. Rothberg.

Gen. Rothberg said that this year received the Warriors submarine flotilla special certificate of appreciation for outstanding deals and groundbreaking. -Operational ability and fine and their contribution to State-security and not spent “. Navy commander said the Spike: “I didn’t know you man, you divers. You divers. “

Renewable submarine flotilla in the near future in new submarines gramina thus multiplies
Power-3 six submarines. “Today we’re building the new generation of divers,” said Lieutenant Commander submarine flotilla (סמש”ט), Lieutenant Colonel s. “We see a parallel between the story of onchachi team to Team Warrior אחי”י Decker released to train foreign submarine ins Dakar story is consciousness until today-a rigorous testing we conduct, and the operating agreement of the people “.

Lieutenant Colonel s specify the unique nature and submarine capabilities. “She was all over the battlefield, and is the guardian of our enemies,” he said, “the very presence of the submarine is an insurance policy. Nobody knows where we are always required according to ibtachon tasks. We provide State protection further and deeper.

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