Chief: IDF base power of human strength.

Defense Minister Ya’alon and RA Gantz attended the annual conjugal ceremony commemorating the martyrs lay 730 Minister Ya’alon: ‘ Syria civil war requires us
Not for a moment cease automated “

תאריך: 12/06/2013, 21:20    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Tonight (Wednesday) held the annual conjugal ceremony commemorating the martyrs lay in the Memorial House. The ceremony took place in the presence of Defense Minister, Mr. Moshe (Boogie)
Ya’alon, head of the Social Security Department in the Ministry of Defense, Mr. amikam svirsky, Chief of the General staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, OC Central command, Maj. Gen. Nitzan Alon, Commander of “steel” decorated Brig. Gen. Motti Bruch, Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Yehuda
Fox, division commanders, officers, bereaved families and soldiers of the regiment.
Its creation thirty years, took a significant Division in all Israel’s wars,
Protect the rear Israel and maintaining the security of the citizens of foiling terrorist attacks daily. The Division continues to maintain continuous contact with the bereaved families and the battle among the fighters. From the State and all the rest, who later became the Division rested, 730 spaces which gave their lives while protecting the country’s borders.
The Defense Minister, Mr. Moshe (bogey) Ya’alon, said tonight that “while we build and develop the country, on the other side of the border has quite a few enemies who seek to undermine the right to live here as free. Countries and organizations near and far, who conspire to harm the State of Israel and its citizens in various ways: rockets, de-legitimacy and that nuclear weapons are part of the menu that we have to deal with it. “

Minister Ya’alon added that “pursuing peace, and us always reaching toward our neighbors.
That’s how we’ve educates children. But the fog that covers the eastern sky these days, the civil war in Syria to reach Mahdia violently and terrorist organizations
The armed to the teeth with further north and South, require us not to stop the code and be prepared, buildup to promote any danger, threat or difficulty, distance
War of the country and win “forbid break
Chief of staff, General Benjamin
(Benny) Gantz said that “these days, is the resting of mutual responsibility, willingness to contribute and participate, and real partnership to us values yavetz amuki. “It’s the image of the Division, formed from battalions and operated for many years earlier, between soldiers and officers meet rising ו”צברים “, works and urban settlement, religious and secular. These values are reflected in the Division flag regrets: ‘ human ‘ advantage.

“It is a strength of the IDF – human strength, spirit, determination and abilities
Of our people. Even today stands in complex security challenges, and when.
Is the Division rested, on soldiers and officers meet important power in various scenarios aiarchotheno “, said the Chief.

The Brigade Commander, Colonel Yehuda Fuchs, noting that “after so many years we are the most challenging time operationally. Many scenarios become possible, some are the basic assumptions that have survived for many years in our region.
This complex reality requires us to prepare ourselves to prepare our test, we know how to look, what face and wears. We undertake and are committed to do everything God, in order to meet assignment within the resources and means. All this from a clear understanding that we don’t have another country, and no other army or body which will stand in this complex task for us. Your ordered our lives, their will and their stand on guard of our country and our nation and defend the State of Israel. “

Translated from Hebrew