Chief: IDF will continue to be condemned for the Jewish people in Israel and the diaspora


Lieutenant General Benny Gantz spoke at the memorial ceremony for Holocaust in cherrybrook and said that “the IDF will continue to act to uphold the present stance of our memories, and for ensuring the future of our children’s generation.”

תאריך: 28/04/2014, 22:54    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, attended this evening (Monday) in a ceremony marking Yom Hashoah, at Kibbutz lohamei hagetaot. Lt. General Gantz spoke at the ceremony and said that “as someone who grew up with the Holocaust Memorial, educated to their heroes ‘ stories ‘ and painful memories, as Commander and fighter for many years, I feel a special connection to this place, to this Assembly and what they symbolized: Rainbow, heroic values and uncompromising belief in the sanctity of life.”

Lt. General Ganz referred to her death of hooch resistance Pullman-Raban, as kshrit
On behalf of “Dror movement, survived the extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and the makers of the kibbutz lohamei hagetaot. “I find that is an example of the values that we put on
A miracle today, “he said,” the same values, the same dream, adds to instruct IDF commanders and soldiers today.

“Israel Defense Forces and will continue to be, the army draws its strength and values of society that he and who it is for, and his Foundation are human dignity and value of human life as fundamental values,” said Gantz, general staff army troops company know
Unlike the other and honor and rights. They operate and their name of being murdered in the Holocaust and heroism of the rebels, the dream of the survivors-and the world.
The values they pose.

The Chief added that “given the key also sixty-seven as an independent country we face many threats from near and far. As Commander of the Israel Defense Forces, as the second generation
The Holocaust and the second generation-old revival, I agree-the IDF will continue to be defended of the Jewish people in Israel and in the diaspora. Add fight against us asylum, tall. Keep working that this commitment – to continue to sustain the present stance of our memories, and for ensuring the future of our children’s generation. “

Translated from Hebrew