Chief of the Holocaust: “the historical baggage is the source of our might”

הרמטכ”ל. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Chief of general staff, Benjamin (Benny) Gantz released a special fee, to commemorate Yom Hashoah “obliged to remember the lost, to protect and to ensure the future.”

תאריך: 24/04/2014, 18:09    
מחבר: רא”ל בנימין (בני) גנץ

Over six decades have passed since the terrible disaster information.
The Holocaust was a bomb that fractured continuum of our existence as a nation-a sequence that began in the days of Abraham and continues to this day. The echoes of the explosion we feel also, distance and subject rsicio each and every one of us.

Today we gather to remember in communities and villages were wiped off the face of the Earth;
The millions of people who were murdered in the killing, fire and gas; The children whose lives were cut prematurely; Men and women were tortured and taken hoshflo, died by the Nazis.

IDF commanders and soldiers carry shrapnel from a bomb, the painful historical baggage which is also a source of might. The shrapnel that require us to remember the lost, which was built to protect and ensure the future.

Commanders and soldiers,

Each and every one of you, in front and back, by land, air and sea, in fact, participant services
The realization of this promise. Some fill in routine security mission is the struggle for
And safety of Israel. The IDF would continue to be Ethan’s Garden-Israel Jewish and democratic State, which is the embodiment of hope for thousands of years old. Commanders and soldiers will act with courage and determination, nights as days, for the safety of citizens and residents for the eternal vow again to stand the old defenceless.

We renew this oath sidiano day in memory of the victims. We renew this oath while standing guard and fight on behalf of those who could not fight the enemy to destroy them, in the name of those who managed to survive the Inferno and recruited the rest of troops to take part in the establishment of the Jewish people. Remember the lost generation in ravines, killing and extermination camps, and death marches and struggled together for the country in question, which had fought.

This memory will be a source of strength, a reminder of the importance of protective force.

May the memory of the victims.

Translated from Hebrew