Date: 11/09/2013, 10:18 pm the IDF removed because today (Wed) 7 series תשע”ד, 11 September 2013, the yearly rally to armored warriors to hunt in Yad lashiryon site” in Latrun. The rally took place in 40 years to mark Yom Kippur, Secretary
Of Defense, Mr. Moses (bogey) Ya’alon, Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz,
The Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur and main armor officer, Brigadier-General Shmuel alnsky.
During the ceremony the wreaths in memory of the martyrs of the armour Corps 4970
The Defense Minister, Mr. Moshe Ya’alon (logical): “the conditions are tough in the Yom Kippur war just enhance courage of the fighters and commanders, determination and devotion, and decisive importance of armour in battle. Beside, should remember the lessons and also warning signs that inspires us this war. The Yom Kippur war
Is a bleeding wound in Israeli society, but this wound, refuses to heal, is to remind us of the need to continue to meet at any time, and to look at the reality of sobriety and other eyes poets heart wishes; To maintain modesty to be open to opinions
And additional views and keep in mind that our real enemy is complacency, arrogance and tyranny of conceptual “.
According to the Chief of the General staff, Gen. Benjamin Gantz (): this year we commemorate four decades to the outbreak of the Yom Kippur war. As a service, armor, professional development is to enable the IDF to post an answer to the great discrepancy in the beginning of the hostilities. The skill of the soldiers and commanders in the field and deep with their military profession was crucial to the success of the IDF, as well as the day to our strengths.
Today as in the past, facing the reality made armor security continues to be a central element in the ability to maneuver, and the decision of IDF armored force was and remains the backbone on which rests the power onshore. Out of this understanding, the Corps built based on the most advanced systems.
The main armor officer, said Brig. Gen. Samuel olansky: “Although enemy forces Union of Egypt and Syria with the assistance of the Arab armies, and despite of the surprise heroes degenerates want a toilet! to repel the enemy attack and end the war in the immediate threat to Damascus and Cairo. This war also set tank lines larvae. From noon until Yom Kippur 1973 came into forces fought side-by-side photo of young soldiers, tankists חרמ”ש fighters and aid side, human mosaic all kibbutzniks urban, secular and religious, when everybody unites uncompromising professionalism along with the fighting spirit, the warriors and evil. But above all led the understanding they protect their on with Israel and they are the shield of the State. “

Translated from Hebrew