Chief: preparing for the possibility of fighting in Lebanon and Gaza


In interviews to television channels of general staff discussed security issues and Gantz to the personnel service stated: “we are not the company’s problem-Israeli society.”

תאריך: 12/04/2014, 20:48    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, said last weekend a few interviews.
Television channels in Israel, and the security issues are on the agenda of the IDF, as well as to the status of permanent members serving in the IDF.

In three interviews stressed that the preparations for a military operation in Lebanon is a scenario possible, feasible and necessary. With regard to Syria, as well as cut the Gaza Strip, stressing that the IDF Chief of staff must prepare for every scenario. “In Gaza, Hamas, Jihad and have other organizations that emblazons the war carved the State of Israel. It’s what’s there. I guess I expected more clashes in the Gaza Strip. We are making the transition from normal to emergency and believe we have the answer to these threats. “

He noted that the IDF conduct also possibility of conflict escalation in the South of the country, a Chinese region: “we are very happy about the peace in Sinai recently but not counted on. We have good relations with Egypt, should be prepared for every possibility. As our cooperation with Egypt would be better would be less need to work near the border, but the military is ready to act “.

Lt. General Gantz also discussed the issue of service and argued that “If test data as-is so limited that it is not very rich and she doesn’t get as much in State and its relation to the rest of us, is the lowest of all offices and on all public companies in the State of Israel.”

He stressed that “the permanent members are the issue of Israel-Israeli society.” “It is a great people who do their job. We want the army or army hunger, going forward? We are looking for outstanding people or sleepy? This is what Israeli society? This is what Israeli society. Really not.

Concluded that the IDF Chief of staff working within an environment that has no discounts. “If we are weak, we fail,” he said, “strength consists of two things: military strength and resilience. Both are important, and it’s impossible to separate them.

Translated from Hebrew